1 year in São Paulo
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Julian spent 1 year in São Paulo, this is what he saw. [SLVimeo]
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Disclaimer: I am from SP but wasn't involved in this. You can AMA, though.
posted by Tom-B at 4:48 AM on December 23, 2011

That is terrific. I want to go to Brazil so bad right now that it hurts.
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Quite amusing to hear the (South Indian classical) Carnatic takiTa takiTa beat with electronica and Sao Paulo's visuals. :) In fact, I daresay the piece was a sampling of Dr Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna's voice.

On topic: neat video, gives me some ideas for a project I had in mind. Thanks for sharing.
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That was great. Where was he from originally?
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When I think of Sampa I think of the most beautiful men on the planet. This video did not disappoint.
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I found him on Facebook, he's from Ohio it seems.
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Obrigado nós, ethnomethodologist :-)
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It kind of starts out as a typical abstract images set to music travel video, but by the time it gets to the "people" section it's quite endearing, and the futbol section at the end is fully awesome.
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