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The music video for "Come and Go (featuring The KickDrums)" (vimeo, best viewed in widescreen) features "various buxom ladies in pink tank tops," and it's a little wider than average. That's because it was shot on a single-point capture 360° panoramic video camera. Directed by Alan Wilkis, who suggests we "think of it as ULTRA widescreen… as if you’re looking in all directions at once." Free downloads of the song (and three remixes) are available at Soundcloud. (Via)

Come and Go is part of Wilkis' ongoing PRINTS project, a series of singles created in collaboration with different vocalists. Wilkis writes an instrumental piece, then works with a vocalist to create the single.
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me fun stuff with it, pretty awesome!_______________ Song is catchy too___________They do so
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That's pretty kick ass, zarq. And the music was great for that video. And vimeo didn't do its usual job of making me want to stab myself in the gut with a spork. It took me a while to get used to the idea that I was seeing 360 degrees at all times. At the end I was just waiting for the last woman in blue to do a roundoff back handspring.
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^^spoiler alert^^
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The camera is a neat idea, but the chromatic aberration is pretty rough.
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If "chromatic aberration is pretty rough" means the same as "WTF? Label on tin says 'various buxom ladies in pink tank tops', yet this doesn't look ANYTHING like an homage to Russ Meyer (RIP)", then I must concur...
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It was neat, but I was left kind of wondering what else something like this could be used for.
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Great tune!
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Buxom? Thanks for the described video, Subby, but I'll form my own opinions, thanks.
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as Mo Fuzz would say, it needs more production value.
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Very cool, but disorienting. What I want now is a video viewer that only shows a normal field of view, but lets me pan left and right while the video plays.  Or better yet, a phone/tablet viewer that pans automatically as I move the device.
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