"I would soon learn that the laughter of the Son of God was no ordinary thing."
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Christmas is a time for traditions. For some, it's all about stringing up lights on a Christmas tree and wrapping up presents to put beneath it. For others, it's spending singing carols door to door to spread holiday cheer. And for still others, it's a time to beat a log with a stick until it poops out candy. If you're not familiar with that last one, don't worry: ComicsAlliance favorites Benito Cereno and Anthony Clark have stepped up to explain it all in an original comic featuring an Untold Tale of St. Nicholas!

Previously: caganer, and specifically, Caga Tío

More fun from Benito: Santa Claus vs The Martians, the comic.
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Quality stuff!
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So...do the kids actually say "shit log" or is there a more polite "poop log" version?

Because when I teach this to my kid, I don't want to inadvertently offend any passing Catalans in the mall or wherever...
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Is this where the Caganer came from, then, A personification of the Caga Tio?

Also, beating a green log with sticks which had its end right next to the fire would be ideal for driving sap out of it, which would then be dried and hardened by the fire, and the resultant, probably sweet depending on the tree, product could be scraped from the end next to the fire and eaten.

I'd bet that's the ultimate origin of this tradition.
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Nah, jamjam, I think it's just that some people have Issues.

Totally kidding, Catalan!
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