It's good to be picky about what you put inside your mouth
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So far no luck. On the plus side, I've managed to spit on myself a little bit.
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I didn't know that I needed to know this. But I do.
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Living up to your username by posting this at midnight, when practice is impossible!

Maybe I can blame the weird noises on Santa....
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Just had the following conversation with my husband:

Him: "WTF is that?!"
Me: "I'm learning to whistle. Go back to sleep."
Him: "Ugh. I'm having such a stressful day."
Me: "Why is your day stressful?"
Him: "Because horrible noises are happening at me."

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It says to use your thumb and middle finger or thumb and index finger for a one-handed whistle, but I've always gotten the best results by making a triangle with my index finger and pinky finger. The other two fingers can curl inside the triangle or rest on your nose (or even in it, if you prefer, to seal up any potential airflow leakage that could lower efficiency). For me, absolute maximum piercing volume is achieved by using both pinky fingers.
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bah, who needs fingers for this?!
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I've never been able to do the fingered-style whistle. Time to try again!
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I am utterly, utterly, utterly unable to get any sound at all. I'm broken, aren't I?
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Blazes it works! You just pissed off a lot of Cambodian tuktuk drivers my friend!
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I can do the two-fingered two-handed whistle only. Using pointers and middle fingers in a V formation. It's soooo hard to explain how to do it. Whistle LOUD. It took me at least two weeks of trying when I was little.
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I now have spit all over my Christmas sweater. And no whistling has occurred.
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It is Christmas and this what you give me? Bah and also humbug. Coal in your stocking, troll
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For people having trouble it just takes some practice. I was tought by a friend when I was a kid and it was two weeks before I could do it right every time.
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Bookmarked the thread but probably won't start practicing until next spring or so, otherwise I'll either annoy my neighbours or freeze my fingers off if I try to do it somewhere unpopulated.
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This is a skill everyone should learn by about age ten or so.
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“If you want me, just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you? Just paste into your browser window and follow the instructions."
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You know how to whistle don't you?
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This is a MetaChristmas Miracle! One of those topics I always forget to add to my "to look up" list because I only think of it when it's raining and I need a cab. Now to wake the family...
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I've been trying this for years with no success. Can everyone do this (and therefore I should just keep trying), or do some of us have deformed exceptional mouths that don't work for this?
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A cautionary note: Remember to take a minute to breathe every once in a while. I tried (unsuccessfully) to learn this method and nearly passed out from, effectively, hyperventilating.
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Mom taught me the two-fingered whistle when I was about 12. Mom, not Dad...
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Now if only we could ban the phrase dog whistle in regards to politics.
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My uncle could do the loudest whistle. He never taught me how, and these instructions aren't a magic bullet, unfortunately. My uncle died six years ago, and here on Christmas morning, I'm trying to whistle and I'm missing him.
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I'm gonna sit in my office and look like a total jackass until I get this figured out!
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Is it time for me to try this again? I fainted last time. My wife can do a whistle that is not of this world. She's been banned from doing it at full blast indoors, because of audio ricochets intensifying the effect. If I could do it I would do it alllll the tiiiiiime.
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Question for those of you who can do this:

Do you need to be able to curl your tongue?

Because I can't curl my tongue. Could I still do this, with practice?
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(I asked that 6 years ago and still haven't figured it out)
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Tongue curling is not necessary. It's all about finding the sweet spot, but that's much easier said than done.

I can't guarantee this will help, but it might. Instead of blowing, think of it more as an exhale for starters. Blowing can come later, to add power once you find the sweet spot. Lick your lips, make the triangle with your fingers, touch them to the tip of your tongue, rest the tips of your fingers on your lower lip, and close your mouth. You're going for a complete seal at first. Big inhale through the nose, then... exhale. If your seal is tight then no air should escape. Now slowly push the triangle of your fingertips into your mouth (the lip-licking earlier was for lubrication). You probably won't get a whistle the first time, but try it a couple more times until you hear what sounds like it might possibly have the beginnings of a whistle tone. That's the general placement of the sweet spot. Keep your fingers there, take some more big breaths, more slow exhales, but now play around with the tension of your lips. The lower lip probably needs to be a little tighter than you'd expect.

Gosh, that has never helped me explain it to anyone before, so I'm not sure why I think it might help here. Once you finally get it it's super easy. It's just a matter of understanding the feel of it, which really is nothing like the standard pursed-lip whistle.
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pictures would help people figure this out a lot faster.
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You know how to whistle, don't you?
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