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missionCREEP : "Featuring alternative art, music, humor, sotires, poetry etc. by Philadelphia-based artists"
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One of the things I miss most about Philadelphia is how good the art community is at showcasing its own work in intimate, accessible ways. There are several "salons" that have become local institutions, and which I wish would spread like wildfire to other creative communities in other cities. (I suppose maybe I should do something about it if I really feel so strongly, eh?)

I saw a presentation of Sarah McEneaney's work in Philadelphia back when I lived there, curated and explained by the artist herself. The stories behind the pieces were often more interesting than the pieces themselves, which helped me to better understand the complex cultural layers that can be subtly or invisibly be applied to canvas along with paint. Some of the most powerful (troubling, etc.) paintings were the ones where she was working through her experience being raped - while others were amusing in a lighthearted, self-aware meta way (working previously painted artwork into the backgrounds of her later works). It also gave me some perspective on my own neighborhood, as she paints the neighborhood just north of where I was living, and has made some significant efforts to revitalize that area with a high-line-esque elevated park built from an old railroad trestle.
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Ahh I see some of Jim Knipfel's work! I loved his column back in the 90s.
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