This works out to about 1.3366106203729717328004388722211 * 10^1477 possible combinations
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Watch me SOLVE a 20x20x20 cube! Step 1 is to solve all of the centers, step 2 is to solve all of the edges, and step 3 is to solve the cube as if it were a rubik's cube (3x3x3).
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Fascinating math-work, but I'd like to see him do it while juggling three of them.
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Step 4, me wishing this was an actual physical construct because throwing it against the wall and breaking it into a thousand pieces is cheaper than punching hole in my new 26" monitor.
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Not to worry, it is an even cube.
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it's like a dick, the longer you play with it, the harder it gets
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Watch me TRAVEL BACK to the Internet of 1998!

The html pages, the back/next buttons, the Win98 screenshots... I felt like I was back in my university res room, but without the sense of oppressive misery.
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P'sah. Do it with your feet, then I'll be impressed.

N.B.: Feet not actually used to solve Rubik's Cube
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Amazing determination, mad skillz - but gotta admit ... it's more fun watching a machine (which exists and lives -only- for the purpose) solve these things.
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I object to the idea that segregating all the colors to their own side is "the solution". You are just perpetuating the problem, man.
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Yeah, sure, but imagine the size of the cube we'll be able to solve once the Singularity comes.
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just move the stickers, y'all
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Watching the Gondry clip led to noticing there is also a YouTube version of the OP's 20x20x20.
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Wow. I was REALLY hoping that v-cubes had released a 20x20x20 since the last time I checked. I already have the 7x7x7 (along with the V 6x6x6 and the Rubik's from 5 to 2). I wanted to see a monster 20x20x20 (or even a 9 or 11).

<ted-buckland>ohhh! *mope*</ted-buckland>
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"Hey look, everybody! I can run an algorithm I found on the internet by hand, in only slightly more time than it would take me to implement it in Python!"
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Well he started in Win 98.

I half-expected to see a finish in Win 7 with a half dozen OS upgrades along the way.
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Well phoebus, you can get this at Shapeways, from the irrepressible Oskar van Deventer (who apparently designs these things by thinking about them and then downloading the appropriate portion of his brain).
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