Connecting with the Met
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Throughout 2011, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been producing Connections, a series of short audiovisual pieces in which various staff members talk about their favorite parts of the Met's vast holdings. The last of the 100 videos was posted today.
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I love the Met — went on the best date of my life there, actually — but that's a lot of white people.
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This is superb! A work of art in itself. Many thanks.
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Fantastic! Thanks for the link.
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This is great.

(I wonder what James Burke is up to these days.)
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I am just going outside to the site and may be some time.
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Thank you so much for this; I had no idea it existed. For some reason the Met seems to get short shrift -- particularly among native New Yorkers, myself included -- as compared with other, perhaps "cooler" New York museums. Because it can feel a little stodgy, it's easy to forget that it has by far the most extensive and varied art collection in the country and that it is one of the most spectacular museums in the world. I have lived here my entire life and it's only since I started going back to the Met with my kids and seen their amazement ("yes, this is a real 3,500 year-old burial chamber we're standing in") that I've been reminded what an astonishing place it is.

Certainly, beaucoupkevin, the museum can feel pretty white, but go check out the recently reopened Islamic Art Galleries (news video) and see how spectacular the collection can be when it leaves the West behind.
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