Some psychotherapy modalities
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Here are some evidence-based and research based psychotherapy modalities you may or may not have heard of, a few in the words of their creators: David Burns and CBT and T.E.A.M. Therapy [pdf], Steven Hayes and ACT (also), Marsha Linehan and DBT (also [pdf] and also [pdf]), Joseph Weiss and Control Mastery Theory (also), Eugene Gendlin and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy (also).
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Also see and click to see the research support for a particular treatment.
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For a more accessible (IMHO) presentation of Gendlin's Focusing than his own book on the subject, look up the work of his student, Ann Weiser Cornell. Cornell has also done some innovative work taking Focusing in new directions (see her amazing book _The Radical Acceptance of Everything_).

Focusing is the form of psychotherapy that seems the most "right" to me.
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