A Different Kind of Documentary
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The James Dean Story Directed by Robert Altman, Starring James Dean two years after his death "by means of a new technique... dynamic exploration of the still photograph".
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Zombie without a cause?
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Mmm. I like the phrase "dynamic exploration."
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I always thought it as a speeding Porsche that killed James Dean, not a still photograph.
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It must have taken a lot of still photographs to put those motion sequences together.
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His zooms, pans and fades are so choppy. Hadn't he seen any Ken Burns?
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I started viewing this, and then the daily 3pm post-lunch bloodsugar crash made it unwatchable. The audio is so lo-fi and soothing...

Actually, I got really excited thinking that Dynamic Exploration was some proto version of the 2.5D zoom technique used in The Kid Stays In The Picture and Riding Giants. Oh well.
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Lew Bracker is the cousin of Leonard Rosenman's first wife, who lived around the block from me where I grew up.
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