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Muppet Labs, where the future is being made today, is the site of scientific enquiry, technological breakthroughs, and sundry explosions on The Muppet Show. Headed by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, the lab premiered in episode 108 and lasted all five seasons. During the first season, Bunsen worked alone. Beginning in season two, the good doctor acquired an assistant-cum-guinea pig, the hapless Beaker. An annotated list of every single televised appearance of the Muppet Labs is after the fold!

Best of

Season 1:

Episode 8| All-Purpose Tenderizer
"Dr. Bunsen Honeydew displays the all-purpose tenderizer, which can make anything softer. He demonstrates by tenderizing a dish, a ladle, then he finds out that someone used the all-purpose tenderizer on the table."

Episode 12| Robot Politician
"Dr. Honeydew shows off the robot politician (played by Peter Ustinov), who can become any kind of government ruler. The robot eventually overheats and explodes."

Episode 16| Solid State Gorilla Detector
"Dr. Honeydew shows off his latest invention, a gorilla detector, which is devised to sound a warning whenever a gorilla approaches. During the demonstration, a gorilla arrives (a performer in a gorilla suit, rather than a puppet) and proceeds to smash the equipment. Dr. Honeydew steadfastly refuses to believe that the creature is a gorilla, however, since the detector hasn't gone off. The gorilla then attacks Bunsen, and the alarm finally goes off, albeit far too late."

Episode 18| Exploding Clothes
"Dr. Honeydew shows off the latest in scientific apparel: exploding hats, exploding earmuffs, and exploding neckties."

Season 2:

Episode 2| Magnetic Carrots
"Dr. Honeydew invents magnetic carrots, which attract steel rabbits. Note: This is the first appearance of Beaker."

Episode 12| Bunsonium
"Bunsen shows off a liquid called "Bunsonium", which he and Beaker haven't been able to figure out what it does. They already know that it doesn't remove paint, it isn't a good glue, and causes unusual side effects when used as a shampoo (to which Beaker briefly pulls his hair off to show). Bunsen has Beaker drink it, and Beaker's head deflates."

Episode 15| Nuclear Powered Shaver
"Beaker is supposed to try out the nuclear shaver, but is forced to wear a lead helmet which is so heavy his head goes down into his shirt."

Episode 17| Hair-Growing Tonic
"Dr. Honeydew invents a new hair tonic. Despite his baldness, the good doctor naturally tests the elixir on Beaker, whose own hair flies off as a result. Bunsen then considers renaming the tonic "Hair-Raising Tonic". "

Episode 19| Teleporter
"Dr. Honeydew presents his teleporter, which can transport people from one location to another. This makes Kermit furious, so Bunsen transports him away. Meanwhile, the scientist attempts to retrieve Beaker, previously teleported to the jungles of Africa, and inadvertently brings back a friend, Quongo the Wild Mountain Gorilla in his debut. Bunsen sends them both back to Africa and tries to bring back just Beaker, but he only succeeds in bringing back Quongo and Kermit."

Episode 21| Automatic Wastebasket
"Dr. Honeydew's newest invention, the Automatic Wastebasket, is efficient as a waste disposal unit, but has an insatiable hunger."

Episode 22| Electric Nose Warmer
"Beaker tests out an electric nose warmer, which is a little too hot."

Season 3:

Episode 1| Elevator Shoes
"Dr. Honeydew has good news for short, stubby people... like Beaker. He has invented elevator shoes, which increase the wearer's height. He pulls the lever, making Beaker grow (and revealing that Beaker wears striped socks). Note: This is the first appearance of the new Muppet Labs set."

Episode 4| Super Adhesive
"Gilda Radner volunteers to assist Bunsen and Beaker with the super glue that Dr. Honeydew invented. However, Gilda accidentally squirts glue all over, causing everybody to be stuck."

Episode 5| Edible Paper Clips
"Beaker enjoys eating edible paper clips...until his nose falls off."

Episode 6| Shrinking Pills
"Bunsen shows off his new shrinking pills. Beaker eats too many and shrinks very small."

Episode 7| Germ Enlarger
"Dr. Honeydew invents a solution that can make a small germ bigger, thereby making the microscope obsolete. But when Beaker tosses their microscope away, Bunsen threatens to dock his salary. This is soon forgotten once the Germ is enlarged, however, as it quickly engulfs Beaker, much to Bunsen's amusement." My Personal Favorite!

Episode 18| Fireproof paper
"Despite what Bunsen claims, fireproof paper immediately ignites when Beaker lights it. However, his flammable water works fine."

Episode 19| Muppet Labs Cancellation Notice
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is forced to cancel the Muppet Labs segment when he is unable to find his faithful assistant to try out his new device, however Beaker's escape plans only lead him into different trouble.

Season 4:

Episode 2| Banana Sharpener
"Bunsen creates a device which sharpens bananas, allowing them to be easily stored by sticking them in a wall (preferably with the attached slingshot)."

Episode 16| Luggage Compressor
"Dr. Honeydew invents a machine that can compress any type of travel baggage."

Episode 18| Milking Machine
"Dr. Honeydew invents a milking machine which ends up changing Beaker's hair."

Episode 22| Pet Converter
"Dr. Honeydew shows off an invention that can turn anything into a pet. The sketch features a look at Gaffer without her eye patch."

Season 5:

Episode 4| Alchemy Machine
"Dr. Honeydew has invented a machine that can turn gold into cottage cheese. For the demonstration, Beaker has taken a gold bar from backstage, which security guard Bruno attempts to retrieve. The precious metal has already been converted into cottage cheese, however, so the guard chases after Beaker."

Episode 10| Electric Sledgehammer
"The electric sledgehammer pounds Bunsen and Beaker instead of the nail. It then escapes from Muppet Labs, roaming about on a very long extension cord."

Episode 14| Copying Machine
"Dr. Honeydew is sad because Beaker is missing, but he presents his latest invention, a copying machine. The nervous Beaker had fallen into the machine, and the lab assistant is duplicated as a result. In a running gag throughout the episode, the Muppet Theater is gradually overrun by Beaker clones." Swedish Chef's interaction, Bear on patrol gets outnumbered

The Jim Henson Hour:

Episode 7| Exercise Shoes
"Dr. Honeydew has invented shoes that can help people to exercise while at work. Beaker wears the shoes and exercises his way to the ceiling, but then Bunsen says that the shoes automatically stop at the sound of a bell."

Muppets Tonight:

Episode 2| Micro Shrink-o-Matic Machine
"In an attempt to emulate guest star Rick Moranis, Dr. Honeydew invents his own shrinking machine which only shrinks Beaker's head."

Episode 3| Mood Meals
"Bunsen has developed snacks that release endorphins to the brain. A biscotti makes one incredibly nice, while a chimichanga makes them extremely evil."

Episode 4| The Deadly Alarm Clock
"Dr. Honeydew has developed equipments for Pierce Brosnan to host the show. He develops a deadly alarm clock, a clock place into a giant slingshot and fire point blank at someone's head. Pierce later use the equipment to fight off the Rock Lobsters."

Episode 6| Robot Abraham Lincoln
"Dr. Honeydew invents a robotic version of Abraham Lincoln, which runs amuck."

Haunted Holidays:

"Bunsen and Beaker demonstrate their automatic pumpkin-carving machine, which accidentally carves Beaker's head."

Ghost Hunter
"From inside the Muppet Mobile Lab, Bunsen and a penguin observe Beaker's trip into a haunted house."

Beaker's Musical Career:

Beaker has thankfully not allowed his enlightening scientific endeavors to get in the way of his prospering musical career,

Power Ballad
Ode to Joy
Bohemian Rhapsody
Ringing of the Bells
Cover of Yellow by Coldplay
Cover of Mamma Mia by ABBA
-And to round everything out, Beaker will never give us up or let us down
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Bonus descriptions from the Comic books
  • Time Machine (Comic-Con Preview Issue)
    "Bunsen invents a time machine, and tells Beaker to go 30 seconds into the past. Unfortunately, he keeps going back to when Bunsen tells him to go 30 seconds into the past."

  • Humorous Cheese (Fozzie's Story)
    "Bunsen invents a Humorous Cheese, milked from cows with a greater-than-average sense of humor. The cheese comes to life, but when his joke becoem too much for the scientists, Bunsen has Beaker to do "Plan B", letting the cheese chasse Beaker into a cage. Unfortunatley for Beaker, Bunsen won't unlock it, for fear that the cheese will try to escape."

  • Psychic Ability Monitoring Device (Miss Piggy's Story)
    "Believing that everybody has a bit of psychic ability in them, Bunsen has Beaker wear a monitoring device helmet and asks a series of questions, which Beaker keeps getting right. But Beaker soon catches fire."

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    Professor Honeydew = John Hodgeman. I demand a live action remake, sir.
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    I didn't truly understand Beaker until I had friends in grad school.
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    *Dr. Honeydew = John Hodgman, that is.
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    If Hodgman is Honeydew, WHO will play Beaker? Tall, thin, long head, goofy expression, ability to shriek whimsically... Weird Al with an extreme haircut, maybe...
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    Beaker is my hero!
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    If age isn't too important, I'd vote Paul Reubens for Beaker.
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    Thank you for the obsessive post. One year at halloween I had fun with red hair dye, hair gel, a lab coat, and explosives. Bookmarked for fun time with my kids....
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    Oh hell yeah
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    Beaker is the embodiment of all our reactions to the nightmare scenarios of Runaway Science writ large. In felt, googly eyes, and screaming.
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    David Hyde Pierce (with hairpiece) as Beaker.
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    I should have also noted that there is a running gag between Bunsen and Beaker in the rare, The Muppets at Walt Disney World
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    Carve-a-matic is complete genius. The 'tah-dah' that Beaker says ('mee-mee!') kills me.
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    Of course, Muppet Labs isn't without controversy. There was that whole sports doping scandal they were involved in.
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    Boy, the John Hodgean thing really comes through when you watch them all together.
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    Epic post. Epic.
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    Science for the win!!!
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