"Somehow It Got Easy To Laugh Out Loud"
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The AV Club has started a really cool feature called "One Track Mind." It takes one artist/group and one song, and asks them to talk about the inspiration or circumstances behind it. Then they perform it (warning: advertising, but worth it).

I think all the videos are great, but some personal favorites are:

The Walkmen's "We've Been Had"

Bob Mould's (Sugar) "Hoover Dam"

St. Vincent's "Surgeon"

Have a fucking awesome 2012, fellow mefites!
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I found the Mathew Sweet one a little disturbing. YMMV.
posted by stinkycheese at 10:37 PM on December 31, 2011

I don't know about disturbing, but his clothes and the decor of his house make it look like he relaxes professionally.
posted by Roman Graves at 11:13 PM on December 31, 2011

The St. Vincent link should be this I think.

Can't get over how wonderful she is.
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There was an online zine that used to do articles like this. This piece on Sarge's "Homewrecker" is the only one I remember, but I think it stuck because teenager me didn't catch on to the whole divorce angle, and suddenly the song seemed way cooler as a result. Made me wish they had writeups about more songs I knew at the time.
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St. Vincent's "Surgeon"

Holy crap. I'm not particularly inclined to like the album cut of this song, but I might be in love after having heard that live version.
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Ben Folds is one thoughtful dude. Worth the FPP for his interview/performance.
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That made me dig "Copper Blue" out and start fiddling with turntable cables. Thanks, bardic - this is going to keep me occupied.
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The AV Club has really been stepping it up with their video work. This awesome documenting of the process and craft of songwriting totally balances out the folks-in-an-office-talking-to-each-other elsewhere on the site.
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Love this series. The Archers of Loaf one is pretty solid.
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Mould doesn't really say too much about the song, but boy, I just plain like Bob Mould, and I think I know what I want my next pair of glasses to look like.
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Thanks for this great link. The Matthew Sweet and Bob Mould interviews brought me back to my first year of college. Ah, we were all so much younger then, and thinner. Except Bob Mould, who appears to be in stupendous shape.
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Nothing to add save that Annie Clark is, alternately, the bee's knees and the cat's meow.
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I <3 Dessa.

(also, if you haven't seen the 4AD Sessions video for St. Vincent's "Surgeon"... you must)
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Damn, that 4AD session version of Surgeon is awesome.

Also my favorite part of the Pirate Archer excursion was naming his club lacrosse team the "Archers of Loaf-Crosse"
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