j/k im an octopus lol
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Texts From Cephalopods. It is a well-established fact in marine biology that the octopus is the drunk texter of the cephalopod family.

Octopus: ok so go on gamefaqs and log into my account
Octopus: name octololarity248 pw 123456
Octopus: update my jar walkthrough with this
Octopus: hold glass thing
Octopus: turn green round thing left like 4 times
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somebody stole my bit rick
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Shut up you bastards, this is a great post
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I do disagree with the characterization of the Cuddlefish as angry and capslocked.
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I can tell it's fake the way the jokes all fit perfectly in the size of one screen.
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I don't care how drunk you are, 'lolarious' is not a word.
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@troll you're full of an adjective used as a plural noun, lolarious is awesomesauce

wibble wobble wibble wobble wibble wobble wibble wobble
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running running running omg running
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That amused me more than it should have. Thank you for this. :)
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Once again, then, it's time to tune in to one of my all time favorite tunes at Metafilter Music... ladies and gentlemen... Cephalopod!
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I nearly inked myself at the visual of the octopus texting from the deck of a fishing boat, to the squid's horror:

octopus: "no it's cool man got this under control"
octopus: "got my metal gear on lol"
octopus: "i am leik one with the scenery atm"
squid: oh my god
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I don't even know why this is funny, except that it is, and I too may have almost inked myself giggling.
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that was indeed unexpectedly excellent, extra points for the World Cup reference
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Giggling like crazy here; excellent post.
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I'm glad I have the day off so my co-workers don't hear my laughter and wonder if I've finally gone over the edge.
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Poor squid; it seems like the other cephalopods are kind of jerks. Which is totally not realistic; I think we have already established that it's the squids that are jerks. This site is squid propaganda! I bet that is not even an octopus, but a squid in an octopus costume!
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Cute but needs more random elder gods references.
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This is quite educational; I never realized squid were so good about proper capitalization and punctuation.
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Cuttlefish commicate with high definition patterns of light and color on thier sides so I'm thinking thier more tumblr people.
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Instagram for the artsy cuttlefish. Which is like ALL of them.
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I did snicker quite a bit at the octopus (asking the squid to look at gamefaqs for opening jars is what got me), but my favourite story in the Octopus Steals My Video Camera and Swims off with It While It's Recording (Youtube) fandom this year was Experiments in Intelligence.
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the Gamefaqs bit was absolutely fantastic.
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It was hard not to imagine Squidward as the squid.
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The entire Yuletide collection is worth checking out. Obscure fandoms only.
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And once you've read all 2598 works in the main collection, you can follow it up with a Yuletide Madness chaser!
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See, the squids texts are grammatically correct because they have elbows.
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Texts from bandwidth exceeded.
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The YouTube videos of the octopus swanning about on land are quite horrific in a lovecraftian way.
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Some of this is in reference to some recently publicized research on octopus intelligence, quite possibly this recent episode of the long-running Canadian documentary series, The Nature of Things, "Aliens of the Deep Sea".

In the episode they show some research in Spain where an octopus solves some difficult problems very quickly, such as opening a jar to get at a crab, and, amazingly, learning how to solve a more difficult problem simply by watching another octopus do it from a nearby tank and where no communication is possible.

One of the very speculative things discussed in the episode is that although they are capable of learning from each other, octopuses (this is an English word, dammit) are not nurtured at all from birth (the many born, few survive model) and normally live a solitary existence. However, where human ecological intervention has encouraged them to group together, they do learn from each other and therefore pass along lessons across generations. Given their high intelligence, it's conceivable that they could develop an intelligent culture, over time.

These are really amazing animals.
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We used to catch octopus quite often in our fish sampling gear and this is pretty much dead on. They are super smart and mischievous and have surprisingly little fear of people. If octopus lived longer they would totally run the world
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I think thier anti social nature and short lifespans are deliberate gene hacks the former geneticists of Atlantis put in to control the octopus population so they don't enslave the surface world again,
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Octopi are pretty damn amazing!
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Octopodes, please.
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<( . _____________ . )
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No, octopodes is arguably the worst choice.

Yes, "octopodes" is the correct classical Greek plural (but not the correct transliteration of the modern Greek plural of the word). However, that is a very unusual plural suffix in English usage, unfamiliar to most native speakers, and is therefore inappropriate in almost all registers.

More to the point, as I wrote above, octopus is a fully naturalized English word and a conventional English plural form—octopuses—is much more widely used than the alternatives. Insisting that an English word take the correct plural form of its non-English etymological ancestor, when it conventionally takes an English plural form, is exactly equivalent to the hypothetical (one hopes) silliness of insisting on tablae as the plural of table.
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Yeah, octopuses, I agree. I was merely being facetious.
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Please don't
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                     .-'   `'.
                    /         \
                    |         ;
                    |         |           ___.--,
           _.._     |0) ~ (0) |    _.---'`__.-( (_.
    __.--'`_.. '.__.\    '--. \_.-' ,.--'`     `""`
   ( ,.--'`   ',__ /./;   ;, '.__.'`    __
   _`) )  .---.__.' / |   |\   \__..--""  """--.,_
  `---' .'.''-._.-'`_./  /\ '.  \ _.-~~~````~~~-._`-.__.'
        | |  .' _.-' |  |  \  \  '.               `~---`
         \ \/ .'     \  \   '. '-._)
          \/ /        \  \    `=.__`~-.
          / /\         `) )    / / `"".`\
    , _.-'.'\ \        / /    ( (     / /
     `--~`   ) )    .-'.'      '.'.  | (
            (/`    ( (`          ) )  '-;
             `      '-;         (-'
lol i am an asciiopod
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Hang on, how do we know the texts aren't coming from a black-marble jawfish pretending to be an octopus?
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