History on a delayed live feed
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RealTimeWWII live tweets hourly events from the Second World War, delayed by 70 years. Charles Darwin writes entries in his diary as he travels the world a century earlier onboard The Beagle. The 1940 Chronicle covers events of the Battle of Britain as they happened day by day. For those more inclined to peripateticism, HistoryPin (previously) overlays historical imagery on modern scenes in Google Street View. If you'd like a perspective on your own activities in much shorter timeframe, TimeHop shows you what you were doing a year ago.
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See also Charles Pepys' Diary: Twitter and Website.
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Heh, I know the guy doing the RealTimeWWII twitter. He never mentioned it til he had 100,000 followers and it made the national news in the UK. It's a hell of an undertaking - I hope he realises what he's let himself in for!

See also: a slightly less historically accurate version of Pepys' diary.
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I love "real-time" narrative twitter accounts. There's also Jonathan Harker's (main character in Bram Stoker's Dracula) diary twitter account.
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RealTimeWWII is by Alwyn Collinson, who I used to work with at Daily Information, an Oxford events and ads board (think your local listings meets Craigslist meets an idiosyncratic, Farmers Almanac style guide to living). Here's some reviews he's written, and here's a BBC Oxford video story about him.
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See also The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (which isn't time-shifted in quite the same way, but you still get a daily dose of something past).
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