Volleyball meets "Pong"
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Volleyball meets "Pong"...the creator calls it "slime volley ball" but it really is not slimy; it's actually sorta cute. It's a very, very simple game that (as far as I can tell) doesn't require plug-ins, javascript, popups, or anything special.
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except java. It requires java.

It's too hard, the computer has that short-shot-to-the-net bounce down pat. Kills me every time.
posted by mathowie at 4:24 PM on October 4, 2001

Darn you, davidmsc. Darn you all to heck. You are going to get me fired. MeFi is addicting enough. ;)
posted by gazingus at 4:34 PM on October 4, 2001

posted by msacheson at 4:35 PM on October 4, 2001

I'm glad other people are having trouble with this, cause I cant score a single point on that little bastard. Unless I serve.
posted by Doug at 4:46 PM on October 4, 2001

posted by eyeballkid at 4:56 PM on October 4, 2001

addictive... addictive... I got four!
posted by billder at 4:58 PM on October 4, 2001

I will never leave my computer again. Noooooo!!!!
posted by Bag Man at 4:58 PM on October 4, 2001

great game.. addictive, to say the least. i think i scored once, and oh, what joy it brought to my heart.

but damn it hurts my eyes... maybe it's because i've been reading intensely for hours though.
posted by lotsofno at 5:00 PM on October 4, 2001

I got two points. Beat THAT!
posted by paddy at 5:03 PM on October 4, 2001

Dang! Just lost 6 to 5 on the final shot!
posted by rushmc at 5:07 PM on October 4, 2001

posted by jmd82 at 5:19 PM on October 4, 2001

Please...somebody win so I can give up...
posted by msacheson at 5:21 PM on October 4, 2001

That little blue bump is kicking my ass. Repeat.
posted by joemaller at 5:24 PM on October 4, 2001

posted by msacheson at 5:29 PM on October 4, 2001

posted by msacheson at 5:30 PM on October 4, 2001

Goodnight, I quit, I'm going home on top!
posted by msacheson at 5:30 PM on October 4, 2001

msacheson you can stop now. Final score was 6-4.
posted by HoldenCaulfield at 5:37 PM on October 4, 2001

I just came to mention how bad I suck (top score = 2) but now I feel better. :)
posted by jragon at 5:56 PM on October 4, 2001

so Matt doesn't like Bin Laden games but I guess Pong is pretty safe.

oh well, to each his own I guess.
posted by xochi at 6:06 PM on October 4, 2001

Oooh, man; those eyes following the ball are creepin' me out...
posted by transient at 6:09 PM on October 4, 2001

WOHOO!!! The key is to run around left-right, not jumping all the time...for me, at least (OK, so i've only one once in like a half hour, but that is how i won that one game)
posted by jmd82 at 6:10 PM on October 4, 2001

I finally managed to score points and only through very aggressive shot blocking at the net.
posted by Zool at 6:36 PM on October 4, 2001

I'm not sure, but I'm pretty convinced that little blue bastard moves faster than I can.
posted by hincandenza at 8:08 PM on October 4, 2001

The trick is: don't jump. You lose anyway but you do get to score 2 or 3 times. Also, NEVER look at the little blue bastard - only at the ball.
posted by MiguelCardoso at 8:42 PM on October 4, 2001

I would just like everyone to know that I just kicked the little blue guy's ass 6-2. This is the crowning achievement of my life.
posted by jacobm at 9:05 PM on October 4, 2001

shhh! give yourself a fighting chance.
posted by lescour at 9:21 PM on October 4, 2001

Thank you lescour, much better.
posted by Zool at 10:07 PM on October 4, 2001

i'll remove the link in the morning in the interests of fair play and erm, copyrights. :-)
posted by lescour at 10:18 PM on October 4, 2001

I'll bite- why is the guy so much faster on the lescour copy? Finally, I can move like something barely faster than molasses...
posted by hincandenza at 11:20 PM on October 4, 2001

Things i have learned:

1. There's a jump key.

2. Don't use it. Most the time you do not need to jump to catch balls, you'll just miss them instead. If you're positioned a little forward of the center of your side, you can catch most shots without jumping, if you

3. Use that back wall. If you can't get back far enough fast enough, consider bouncing the ball leftwards instead.

4. Jump. The best way to score points is to jump right at the line when that little sucker is bouncing up to it angling for an ace. Timing is everything.
posted by cps at 11:43 PM on October 4, 2001

Hmm, I could have sworn I'd seen this on MeFi before, but I guess it was from somewhere else. No matter:

Shut out. :)

(yeah, it was a different link back then. that screenshot is almost 5 months old)
posted by pnevares at 11:53 PM on October 4, 2001

I just shutout the blue dude as well. I found it pretty easy to start the point by banking it on the left wall so it just goes over the net. If done right, the blue guy jumps and the ball goes under him. Repeat and win. Woo.

p.s. pnevares, what are "DVDs for Mom"?
posted by gluechunk at 1:52 AM on October 5, 2001

lescour, you gotta keep that one up.. i almost beat him this time.
posted by lotsofno at 6:32 AM on October 5, 2001

pnevares - You're right it was on MeFi, I remember the URL being different though.
posted by HoldenCaulfield at 7:27 AM on October 5, 2001

heh i remember this game back in 96 when i was working at Computer City. I worked and a friend of mine worked as techs in back and when we went busy we played that java game for hours.

nice to see its still around
posted by Qambient at 7:56 AM on October 5, 2001

This truly is a golden age for low-graphics, high-gameplay games.
posted by straight at 8:09 AM on October 5, 2001

This game brings back some memories :)
posted by Slightlynorth at 9:19 AM on October 5, 2001

Okay zeos tips after a 6-0 victory!!!

The duck backed serve: Move forward so the ball glances off your back and hits the wall first if you position it just right he'll jump and miss.

The bluff: Move right up to the net, he will often bounce it forward in order position himself for a slam dunker, while he is just ahead of the ball jump and he will jump with you (when he is close-ish to the net) knocking the ball behind him into his own court...

6-0 baby 6-0...

posted by zeoslap at 10:28 AM on October 5, 2001

I have this game at my site as well, including a 2 player version.

Currently working on a networked 2 version game, but I have no idea when it'll be finished.
posted by Diddly at 4:28 PM on October 5, 2001

hincandenza: magic, dude. well, if you consider jad magic. which i do. oh yes, i do.
posted by lescour at 7:44 PM on October 5, 2001

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