Cheese Ball Invitational
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In December, food blog Cheese and Champagne announced its first ever Cheese Ball Invitational. Today it revealed the six finalists (follow links for recipes).

The contest was inspired by's post about the creation of the Turducken of Cheese Balls.

Cheese balls have made a bit of a comeback recently. You can go haute with Martha Stewart, or bloat with Paula Deen. Amy Sedaris is a fan of cheese balls. She's even appeared on Martha Stewart's and Paula Deen's shows to make them.
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Oh god. I love this and I loathe it, too. Really, the point of a cheese ball is to squash together a bunch of cheap/leftover cheese ingredients, fromage fort-style, turning junk into something edible. Some of these balls...what a waste of fabulous cheese that deserves to be enjoyed more simply.

But then again...its CHEESE. In BALL FORM. I could pretend I'd be able to resist, but I won't. I will certainly make a cheese ball in the near future. Our dear friends the cheese shop owners will hate me. Thanks a lot. No really, thanks a lot.
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Bourbon Bacon Cheese Ball...

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This is salient to me. Someone left a capachinno cheese ball mix they received from a vendor in the kitchen here at the office. Conversation around the office has how that doesn't seem to work as a thing; it's still sitting in the kitchen as the caramel corn and chocolate has evaporated.

But these cheese balls really seem to work as things. I hope the ongoing turduckenization of all varieties of food extends into other realms of our lives, like cars and computing and haute coture and dental floss.
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That Bourbon Bacon Cheese Ball does look rather tempting, as does the Bourbon Ginger Slush recipe.

I forwarded this to my cheese-loving co-worker, and am hoping it leads to her making some of these and bringing them in for us to try.
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Honestly, I'm a little disappointed that this had nothing to do with those ANSI Orange Cheez Balls that Planters used to make.
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For a minute there I thought you were talking about the CGA orange which was really more of a brown.
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I... I...

/runs to the kitchen in search of other cheeses to mix into that leftover cream cheese from the holidays
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Up until just now, I thought the term cheese balls referred to cocaine and cheese
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Here am I, the lone freak, who does not like cheese balls.

Nossir, I do not. Can't say why. I like both cheese (almost any!!!) and spherical foods (grapes, tomatoes, hushpuppies).

But cheese balls invariably carry a whiff of Cheez Whiz, and a smidgen of "Look! I Kin Too Cook!", no matter what they're made of.

Hoped the pics would grab me. Sigh.

Off to eat some leftover smashed-cheese-ellipsoids from NYE...
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The winners have been announced. I'm off to try these three. I recommend against the Goat Cheese and Bacon ball as written - it needs some kind of crunch (roll in nuts instead of parsley mixture?). Great post, thanks. I do love a cheese ball.
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