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We rifled through a bevy of 2012 predictions to bring you the mother of all roundups, every line gleaned from somewhere else.
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Crikey, Fast Company is really fond of Mega, Meta Mashups, aren't they?
* Steve Jobs: A Mega, Meta Appreciation (Aug 25, 2011) Mashup is in the URL
* Steve Jobs: A Mega, Meta Mashup in Tweets (Oct 5, 2011)
* Amazon's Kindle Fire: A Mega, Meta Mash-Up Of Reviews (Nov 17, 2011)
* The Best And Worst Of Everything In 2011 : A Mega, Meta Mashup (Dec 23, 2011)
And now this.

Just wait until they realize that they could make every letter a new link. They'd have the freedom to write anything, and the knowledge that they're way more meta than anyone else (who writes about business stuff).
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Shoes, Oscars, colors, roller coaster.
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Trurl: ha! that was good.

The "asian dumplings" link from twoleftfeet also mentions that "there's not a helluva lot more to Peruvian cuisine" than ceviches... the author clearly doesn't understand the simple glory and greatness of lomo saltado, a dish that basically consists of steak, fried potatoes, rice, crunchy veggies and a salty/spicy sauce. If Kogi's wildly acclaimed mexican-korean fusion can become a trend, why can't a unique take on steak frites be one?
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From the 'crazy' thing:
Virtually unchanged for more than a decade, Google’s search page undergoes a subtle, yet important transformation. The search giant places a “+” sign right next to the “Google” Logo. But the change is more than logo-deep. If you hit your own “+” sign on your keyboard before typing in your search query, all results will feature Google+ search results on top. If you hit “+” twice, your search query can be used to launch a new Google+ post. You’ll still have to select which circles you want to share your search query with. Rumors will swirl throughout 2012 that Google wants to rename the entire company “Google+.”
Didn't they pretty much already do half of that?
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I predict that there will be a whole website devoted to predictions about 2012.
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