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The Spam Poetry Institute is an organization dedicated to collecting and preserving the fine literature created by the world’s spammers
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For anyone who wasn't aware, these nonsense strings of text are often generated by markov generators, which take chunks of text and add a word that shows up next to the elements in the chain.

They're fun to code as a beginner's project and often funny to goof around with depending on the source material.
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Markov'ed spam made me laugh for about 10 minutes, but thereafter almost put me off Dadaism forever--these and Captcha phrases. This brought me back into the fold.


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This recalls for me sixfoot6's collection (sadly now without an index page), The Words of Albert Spamus.
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Spam email sucks. Spam Luncheon meat is a noble substance, as illustrated here.
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I used to save especially nice turns of phrase in spam emails. From my files:

The scary:

Enormous monster phallus is every woman's dream. (I think this one could really ought to provide references. Freud would do, at a pinch.)

The up-to-date:

Get your wife better stimulation in year 2008
Don't let them laugh at your willy in 2008

The simple yet surreal:


The WTF category:

Biggish Penis Anderson (the body text of this one is "Phallus Sizable Ryan")

The "this person needs a better outlet for their creativity" category:

Be a big success in the pants when you enlarge your dick.
Get the flag pole that counts!
Your sexual life will sparkle with brighter colors.
Grow an anaconda out of your trouser snake!

And the poetic:

Do not be loser, change your aggregate size.
Your girl does not admire to do it with you for reason of your device size.
This is your possibility to solve the trouble.
All you have to do is just put to use our male machine enlargement.
You will forget about trouble and your chick will be glad.
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(I am female, but I would probably still like to "be a big success in the pants", so that one's a winner, anyway.)
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Phallus Sizable Ryan

The opening 25-minute long assault on Omaha Beach is some of Speilberg's most visceral film-making.
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My favorite spam title, crossposted on various newsgroups in 2002, was "LEARN HOW TO HYPNOTIZE YOUR CHILDREN FOR LIFE!"
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