Like Real Food But Is Toy
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Toy Food : A song by Neal Cicierega. posted by Apropos of Something (9 comments total) 8 users marked this as a favorite
If there is any justice in this world, when the histories are written Neil Cicierega will be recognized as the first true viral web-video prodigy. I just read Neil's Wikipedia entry and was shocked to remember that he created the now-classic Hyakugojyuuichi (and the entire "Animutation" subgenre) when he was only 14, and the Potter Puppet Pals only a couple of years later, and he's still making stuff that I want to send to my friends and post on Facebook. How weird is that?
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Why Neal Cicierega matters:

Example One - while he was 13, no less.

Example Two.

Example Three.

Example Four.

He's the Weird Al of the Millenials. Pay. Attention.
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Yep, Neil Cicierga is the illegitimate child of Weird Al (that he doesn't have because he's totally faithful to his wife) and to me, his definitive masterwork is the romantically rocking "Geeks In Love", with runner-up honors to "Word Disassociation".
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I'm cutting interest rates in half, Spencer, and I need your teeth.
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Punctuation reveals the secret message:

Like real food?
Butt is toy.
Not real food - Do not eat!

/not butteaterist
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Slap*Happy: He's the Weird Al of the Millenials.

I concur.
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This video blew my mind when I first saw it and it continues to be a major favorite for multiple reasons. So glad this guy's still at it.

Kinda liked the song, BTW... has an interesting DEVO vibe to it.
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Brodyquest continues to be my favorite video on the planet.

Also, don't forget his sister Emmy.
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Neil is the Shadow King of the internet. My fealty will forever be unto him. Others may rise and fall in admiration over the years - Wil Wheaton & Felicia Day currently enjoy some pretty prime spots in the nobility spectrum, Ze Frank held top honors for a good run - but Cicierega will almost always be the one who got there first or did it best or weirdest or perfectly crystallized what people were already thinking.

If people are around who miss his animutation vibes and tire of stylized production or self-referential meta then I suggest his tumblr which is, as far as I can tell, sort of a direct tap back into that core of sheer fucking weirdness that makes him unique.
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