The right to delirium
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Eduardo Galeano reading The Right to Delirium. Via PULSE
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I wonder if a NYT op-ed would support the Right to Delirium.

But seriously, that poem is such an all-inclusive collection of controversial concepts and concepts that should NOT be controversial, it could be the basis for a MASSIVE discussion here (or anywhere) and virtually demand use of the dreaded Threaded Comments. Where does one start?

But then, maybe that's why Utopia moves away as fast as you try to move toward it. Maybe it just changes direction.
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Thanks for posting this. I'll happily walk to and in the city he describes
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This is wonderful. I like the description of Utopia as the city on the horizon that moves away as you walk towards it. I liked the poem too. "That death and money lose their magic power..." good words to live by.
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I first encountered Galeano as the volumes of his Memory of Fire trilogy were published in English. For anyone interested in a beautiful, bitter and enlightening alternative history of Latin America told in page-long, sometimes paragraph-long segments, I would highly recommend it.

Thanks for posting this, latkes; I'd never heard Galeano read his work.
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