Billy Donovan's Secret Sorrow
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"One of his staff members, Tim Maloney, took a picture of the marquee and gave it to his boss in a frame. Donovan looked at it often."

What an incredibly classy thing to do, now that is a real friend.
posted by Blasdelb at 3:35 PM on January 5, 2012

Jesus, I could not finish that. On the plus side, I still have good memories of Billy D on those PC teams. And who knew Rick Pitino could give relationship advice?
posted by yerfatma at 5:57 PM on January 5, 2012 [2 favorites]

This article deals with the deaths of babies and infants in case that is too much for you to read.
posted by bottlebrushtree at 9:36 PM on January 5, 2012 [1 favorite]

I first read this article some time ago - I graduated from Bama and was rather interested when Grant was hired. He's been a great coach and solid guy for us.

Great article and well written... but if you can finish it without a tear in your eye, you're not human.
posted by insulglass at 9:39 PM on January 5, 2012

very hard read about a very tough subject. Definitely moving.
posted by k5.user at 7:13 AM on January 6, 2012

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