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I Am tells the stories of 36 Sri Lankan elders, about their lives and work, and their connections to their hometown. ... With the movement of people away from their hometowns, particularly from Jaffna and Galle, I also spoke to the so called 'internal diaspora', about their longing for their hometowns and their sense of belonging to their adoptive homes."
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This is good.
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Fantastic stuff! I've always felt South Asian histories suffered quite a bit because the elites often don't pay too much attention to the oral narratives of the commoners; to take a Deccani example, that would be like preferring to listen to Carnatic while ignoring dappankunthu or that hip-hop narratives among Tamil Dalits. Projects like this go a long way in redressing the balance; I suppose at the very least in the Sri Lankan political context, history won't necessarily be the tale of the victors or something. All in all, fantastic stuff, thanks for sharing.
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Excellent, thank you chunking express.
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