It, by Rich Aucoin
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It Nova Scotian Rich Aucoin's video for "It" directed by Noah Pink. SLYT worth clicking on. You may recognize a few scenes.
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Was there some thread or linear connection to all of that, or was the idea basically "Lets just reenact some famous movie scenes"? Did the scenes tie into the lyrics? I turned the sound off once he started singing.

(Sorry, I hate to be an early threadshitter, I just don't get it).
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Cool! Video was neat. Yes, mannequito, it matched the lyrics, I think.

I didn't particularly like the song, but that's okay. My personal taste.

I spotted the following movie references (not in order):

Forrest Gump
Ghostbusters I
Die Hard
Top Gun
The Princess Bride
E.T. the Extraterrestrial
Its a Wonderful Life
Night of the Living Dead
A Night at the Roxbury

Did I miss any?
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Like Alien Ant Farm, only mopier.
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Or Atomic Tom.
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OK, that Atomic Tom video is stellar.
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Did I miss any?

Taxi Driver.
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The concept for the video is just a reenactment of movie scenes, but pretty fun. One thing I'm impressed with is that an indie Canadian artist can put a Slimer in his YouTube video that's similar in quality to the one that cost millions back in 1984.

He had 500 guests peform on this album; it's worth a listen for audaciousness.
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I like this so much. Checkin out his other tunes on Spotify now.
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Did I miss any?

Wayne's World.
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Okay, pretty sure I'm wrong. What movie is the car singing part from?
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Okay, so I was totally wrong, Night at the Roxbury it was. I'll shut up now.
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I thought this was cute and a lot of fun. I also like the way he changed the weapons in the movies (except the torch, I suppose); microphones instead of guns in Taxi Driver, and a confetti gun in Die Hard.
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this is pretty great. I was expecting something much cheesier. When I saw him live last year he started each song with a chintzy viral youtube video, which I was meh about. But this a great song and a great video.
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That first minute, with the fluttering paper, was filmed at my alma mater - that's the chapel, one of the residences, and the University Hall lawn going by.

Which is to say, I was really confused until the movie references started. How did you know I'd recognize those scenes? Is this some programming trickery? Oh god, what else do you know? Wait, you meant the film scenes. Right.
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Was the fluttering paper supposed to be a reference to something? Kind of reminds me of the plastic bag scene from "American Beauty", but I kind of doubt that's it...
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The fluttering paper is reference to Forrest Gump's intro (it was a feather in that movie)

That said, I fully expected it to land at the big red shoe worn by an evil Tim Curry clown figure. That was my only disappointment in this video.
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