I read this and felt like crying.
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I read this and felt like crying. That good little girl -- only two years old, yet she cared for the baby until help came. She even changed its diapers.

And her reward is to find out that her daddy is dead and won't ever be coming home again. Life's a bitch sometimes.
posted by Steven Den Beste (2 comments total)
Ouch, that story hurt. But you'd think this would happen all the time in Norfolk ... thousands of single-for-six-months-at-a-time parents ... most of them with no nearby relatives.
posted by dhartung at 11:24 PM on March 25, 2000

It is, obviously, a shame for the kids, and the mother, but the father got what he deserved. Leaving two toddlers unattended and alone at home is criminal. He apparently didn't have the mental qualifications, common sense, or sense of responsibility to be a parent.
posted by fpatrick at 7:57 AM on March 27, 2000

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