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Up and coming rapper Home Brew spits the truth about New Zealand. His affinity for Crate beer, a resolve to sit back and let the world's problems unfold, and a penchant for BBQs makes for great Summer music. (hey it's summer over here alright..) Underneath the Shade , Chicken Chow Mein , Same Shit Different Day

All four EPs are available to download on their website for free, but be wary, most songs contain either explicit drug references or obscure New Zealand references, or a bit of both.
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Do you have a procedure for writing music?

Smoke a blunt. Light some insense. Spend about 2 hours trynna remember how to set up the equipment. Get drunk in the process. Give up.

What do you think about Auckland’s music scene? And if you could play anywhere, where would you love to perform?

It’s incestuous. We all fuck each other. We’re all broke so we’ve all played with each other. It’s tight because of that. The only problem is because the city’s so small, you can over-saturate the place quick so you gotta get a job carrying rich people’s bags or selling sneakers or some shit. Most of the best musicians in the city are also the best drug dealers.

Any interesting stories?

No. I may have done some acid in the weekend. But incase the cops ask about the fire, nothing happened.
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Wrong country. More appropriate here would be, "Sweet as, bro."
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