The Star Pit
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The Star Pit, a radio play by Samuel R. Delany, based on his short story. Notes on the production.
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Now I know what my commute will contain this week... Thanks so much!
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Dhalgren is one of the best books I have ever read. He was a visiting proff at my university when I was a freshman, and I never got up the courage to go meet with him. Regretted it ever since.
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Man, I can barely listen to the beginning of this over the flute solo.
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Atonal flute solos are a New Wave tradition!
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Yeah, the sound quality of this is poor in places. It's a good story though. The story of Delany is fascinating, too.
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It does say 'WARNING: The source tape (and this digitization) suffers from variable levels and occasional noise and clipping' but on the other hand it does not say 'THE FUCKING FLUTE, IT NEVER ENDS!'
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Thanks, Artw. Nice find. I first read The Star Pit when I was kid, all the gender-bending stuff when right over my head, I'm sure, but I was fascinated by the 'ecologarium'. (A reasonable facsimile of which is available from Ecosphere.)
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