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Abobo's Big Adventure : apparently the Nintendo Entertainment System DOES blend.
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I've been waiting on this since the trailer popped up a few months ago. As soon as I saw the title I knew what I was in for - who can forget Abobo?

Question for anyone who's played it - are the controls mapped to the arrow keys or WASD? My left arrow key is currently dead but I've been holding off on buying a new keyboard. I can't believe I'm considering "upgrading" my PC to play this.
posted by thecjm at 5:37 PM on January 12, 2012

Arrow keys and 'a' and 's' I played until an enemy got stuck where he wouldn't move and I couldn't hurt him. I'll give it a better go later on. I'm excited to play the whole thing.
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It's a little buggy. I had to reset it a couple of times. It's also surprisingly long (an entire zelda dungeon for a parody game?) and has some really frustrating bosses (I'm looking at you, robobobo). Not perfect, but fun.
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thecjm, assuming that we're talking about a standard desktop keyboard, the arrow keys on the numpad also work, albeit slightly awkwardly. (With numlock off, of course)
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My nostalgia for this kind of stuff knows no bounds. I actually went out an bought those NES USB controllers so I could play Nestopia on my PC like it was meant to be. I wonder if I can get them to work on this game.
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JabberJaw, that shouldn't be a problem so long as you can map your joypad's input to the keystrokes the game expects. This is possible on most platforms with most USB controllers...poke around in your driver's settings. If mapping keys isn't inherently supported then additional software is almost certainly available to facilitate it.
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i wonder if Abobo got his name from the one in Ethiopia or the one in Côte d'Ivoire
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I was hoping to make the River City guy BARF when I beat him. But at least I got to fight a conga line of Kung Fu guys.
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I think that it is a horrible failing of our current copyright laws that because this man has ripped off almost every graphic and sound effect from other games that I will never be given the opportunity to see this on PSN and throw dollars at it.
Why is there no "homage" exception like there is for parody?
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JabberJaw, Joy2Key should work for this.
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It's a cool game, but it requires way too many hits to kill enemies.
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Wow, I just beat it... and was rewarded by seeing (among other things) scrooge mcduck curbed.
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GoingtoShopping: You can donate to the creator, and even get a game for your donation, here.
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Yeah, really fun game. I was pretty pleased with myself for recognizing most of the references, then I felt pretty sad about myself for being so pleased.
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How can you not love a game that gives you a Lemmings powerup in Contra?
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Well that was remarkably entertaining. Pretty well balanced too.
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Is it possible to download games like this to play offline?
posted by Philby at 3:05 PM on January 14, 2012

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