Gay USA 2011 Roundup
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If it's not too late for one more 2011 roundup, Gay USA featured a full hour of examining the events of 2011. Along with regular hosts Andy Humm and Ann Northrup, lesbian and AIDS activist Sarah Schulman, transgender activist Pauline Park, and gay and civil liberties activist Bill Dobbs discuss a variety of topics from DADT to Occupy Wall Street. Video runs about one hour. Sorry, no transcript available.
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I would have posted this sooner, but it took a while for the video to appear online.
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Sarah Schulman got some notoriety for this article where she described Israel's record on gay rights as "pinkwashing". Her argument, as I understand it, is that Israel promotes gay rights and tourism and so forth in order to co-opt gays into supporting the oppression of Palestinians. There are a bunch of responses to her on the internets, but these two present different perspectives from Israeli gay activists.
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That is discussed during the hour.
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I <3 Gay USA -- excellent program.
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Ah, I had scrubbed through that bit (starting around 34:30) and thought they were just talking about a community center. Wow, it looks as though they had a huge fight in NY about this.
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The phrase "Gay USA," makes me think of that old Donna Fargo song.
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I was temporarily disoriented by thinking Sarah Schulman's piece for Occupy Writers was written by Sarah Silverman.
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Oh, and I'd never heard of Gay USA and am appreciating the higher level of discussion. Good stuff, thanks!
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Oh wow, there is a lot of "When WE were kids we had REAL radical politics" in this. Would be nice to have someone in their 20s here...
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Ann Northrup?
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It's actually Northrop.
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Oh crap. I misspelled her name, and I even looked TWICE to make sure I was spelling it correctly.
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