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Hanging With Frank - a 1997 short film portrait of a Glasgow prison's execution chamber and a man that worked there in the 50's.
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Engrossing and thought-provoking. His detailed memory and mater-of-fact accounting of his work are a bit disturbing. He has great moral certainty. I cannot reconcile the contradiction that the premeditated killing of a human is wrong when done by an individual but right when done by the state.
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I agree with binturong, and would only add that this video made me appreciate how well made The Last Hangman is, and it increased my appreciation for the importance of oral history.
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I was at the People's Palace in Glasgow recently and there was an excellent exhibit on crime and punishment which featured excerpts of this film. It is very thought provoking when juxtaposed with a list of all of those executed in Glasgow, many for crimes such as theft and burglary.
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