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Nicely scanned copies of classic Golden Guides. Highlights include Light and Color, Stars, Evolution, and the always popular guide to Hallucinogenic Plants.
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Wow, my mom actually had the hallucinogen one when I was growing up! I don't think I ever appreciated weird that might be...
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Bah, the set's incomplete. Where's Ecology? How can anyone showcase Hallucinogenic Plants without mentioning Insect Pests, Venomous Animals or Spiders and their Kin?
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How likely is it that these are out of copyright? Not too, I'm guessing. Still I'd love to at least look since these were great childhood favorites. (Herbert S. Zim, the first naturalist I knew by name.)

That said, why on Earth do people use scribd as a document sharing site? Their display is script-based so you can't see the doc without allowing a site I trust about as much as I trust my granny the rum-runner to do anything it wants to your pc. And can't download without registering for an account. YooToob requires flash to view the vids, sure, but you can certainly download them without registering and logging in.

Herbert Spencer Zim, though, you da man!
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Anyone else get the urge to go to the bathroom after seeing these?
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Number of reads for Weather - A Golden Science Guide: 517
Number of reads for The American Southeast, A Guide to Florida and Adjacent Shores: 310
Number of reads for Hallucinogenic Plants - A Golden Guide: 26,936

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
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I bought a copy of HALLUCINOGENIC PLANTS when I was about 15 (I read a LOT of different stuff) and miss that book the most. It's where I learned about applying Kwashi on scalp incisions (p.29) and redrinking bowls of hallucinogen-laced urine (p.25) to get the full effect of Amanita Muscaria. Let's just say this book made my late-1970s very interesting.
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"Stars" and "Rocks and Minerals" were two of my favorite books when I was a kid. The "Light and Color" one is pretty awesome too.
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I still use Spiders and their kin, it's a fantastic field guide. Levi is a treasure, especially for arachnologists in the Americas.
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Spiders and Their Kin is still my go-to book for Arachnidae!
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I still have a copy of spiders and their kin, as well. I don't use it much, but when i was younger it was really fascinating, especially all the types of spider-like-creatures that didn't live in my area. Probably the first time i realized there were really exotic animals elsewhere.

I wish more books like this were published.
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make sure to check out his his other collections. including my favorite (behind old cook books): chick tracts!
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I had Spiders and Their Kin growing up!
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I had Spiders and Their Kin growing up!

So did I. I had quite a lot of these, Audubon Field Guides & other natural science books to help with spotting, identifying & classifying all sorts of things in the world around me. It definitely gave me a good start on figuring out how it all ties together.
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@Smart Dalek: Re incomplete collection. More are coming as I scan them. I don't have a complete collection (yet), but I do have many more.

@Jfuller: No, Scribd isn't ideal, but I haven't found a better solution yet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

@clarenceism: More cookbooks and Chick Tracts are coming as well.
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