Kist o Riches Indeed
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Tobar an Dualchais will keep you busy for awhile. It's a collection of over 26,000 oral recordings made in Scotland, from the 1930s onward. Folklore, songs, music, history, poetry, oh my. Includes some fascinating material from Belle Stewart, the McPake Sisters of Peebles and John the Bard.
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This looks extremely interesting; thanks for posting it!

Nitpick: I don't understand why they use "Kist o Riches" (kist is Scots for 'chest, trunk, large box; coffin') as a translation/equivalent of Tobar an Dualchais, which means something more like 'well of heritage,' though dualchas is impossible to translate with a single word, being one of those Complicated Foreign ConceptsTM. See, for instance, here: "dualchas refers to more intangible matters of nature, character and duty" (it gives the glosses "1. Hereditary disposition or right. 2. Imitation of the ways of one's ancestors. 3. Bias of character. 4. Nature, temper. 5. Native place," among others).

Bonus Indo-European etymology: tobar 'well' is from Old Irish topur, which is collapsed (in Old Irish's typically drastic way) from *to-oss-bhoro-, where the *bhoro- part is cognate with Greek φρέϝαρ [phre(w)ar], Armenian albiur, and Old Norse brunnr, all meaning 'well,' as well as various words for 'spring' like Old English burna (which gives us the burn of, for example, Bannockburn).
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Oh yes, I love this website! :)
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Fantastic find!
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Thanks for posting this!
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