Mexican Pulp Art
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Monster Brains' has posted its collection of cover art from Mexican horror magazines.
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I love how this one looks like the priest stumbled into some infernal household argument. Diablo dude is chewing out the succubus for leaving the hellgate open, she's sulking because she knows she's in the wrong but won't admit it; the hairy fella on the right is all 'why are mommy and daddy fighting? Is it because I just dropped food all over the floor?' And the tiny dude just says 'screw this noise, I'm going to the corner store to get some smokes.'
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Thank you. These are incredible.
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So these are apparently the inspiration for the paintings over Eli Cash's fireplace in The Royal Tenenbaums.
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Man, these rule so hard. What on earth?
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This is awesome.
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Nothing else in my RSS feed brightens my day quite as consistently as Monster Brains.
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I'm going to assume this one is Hank Pym and the Wasp.

These are all totally awesome. I think my favorites are all the ones with robot. This one looks so sad! Like he's already regretting his part in overthrowing the era of human control. Menacing luchador is also pretty great.

(Award for Most Inexplicable goes to this one.)
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This. Is. Amazing.
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Are these things I can buy and how can I buy them?
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Yeah, Monster Brains is definitely one of my favourite blogs, period. Been at it for a long, long while now and still finding great new stuff all the time.
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These are great! I may end up printing some of these for my new CRAZY MONSTER ROOM.
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Damnable intertubes, stealing my evening away!
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No a las abejas!

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Man, these rule so hard. What on earth?

Zombie Nuns are an epidemic in Mexico, apparently. Be Vigilant, Parishioners!
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I have to take back my earlier comment. The luchador's not trying to menace anybody; he just wants to be taken seriously for his mime work.
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