Joe Dilworth: photographer/drummer
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Joe Dilworth, one-time drummer/collaborator with indie stalwarts Stereolab, Th' Faith Healers and Jarvis Cocker, ex-lover of PJ Harvey, is also a very accomplished photographer.

Selected highlights from Joe's musical career:

Stereolab: Super Electric
Stereolab: Peng! 33
Stereolab: John Cage Bubblegum
PJ Harvey - Working For The Man
Miss Mend - Living City Plan
Th' Faith Healers - S.O.S.
Th' Faith Healers - Get The Fuck Out My Face
Moose - I wanted to see you to see if I wanted you
Relaxed Muscle - Mary

But really this is all background to the photos. Highlights from Joe's blog are too numerous to point out in a non-arbitrary way. Every shot is a winner.
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No "Dilworth's Theme"?
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I used to run into Joe in the late 80s when we were both photographing the same gigs. He was always friendly and hip and I was tremendously jealous that he worked for Melody Maker and I worked for some tiny magazine that nobody read. I seem to remember he had a REALLY nice leather jacket that I coveted.

I have a strong suspicion that my then girlfriend (who looked a LOT like Polly Harvey -- coincidence? I think not) cheated with him, but I'm fairly certain that she didn't TELL him she was my girlfriend, so there's that. And I think I was cheating on her, or about to, so there's also that.

Ah, rock'n'roll. Those were the days.
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Some great shots in here. Thanks!
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I remember seeing his photography credits in Melody Maker and Isn't Anything long ago, and making the connection with the band lineup on a Faith Healers disc; this was followed by the terrible realization that most musicians – even those with records that made it all the way to Corpus Christi, Texas – had to work day jobs.

This is not to diminish his work as a photographer in any way.
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