Debora Iyall on Native America Calling
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Debora Iyall had some hits in the 1980s with her band Romeo Void. She's still making music, and just released an EP. She was today's guest on Native America Calling as the January Music Maker (stream m3u link, direct download link) [59m]. (sorry, no transcript available)

Romeo Void is probably best known for their songs Never Say Never and A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing).

The interview includes background on Romeo Void, the reason for writing A Girl In Trouble, and features several cuts from the new EP (including a new version of A Girl In Trouble).

The entire EP can be heard at Iyall's website (first link in this FPP), along with ordering information for those interested.
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The actual interview with Iyall begins right at the 10 minute mark. NAC has a different flow from other shows, so be patient with it.
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Romeo Void's compilation CD "Warm, in Your Coat" is highly recommended. Iyall is a helluva signer and writer, sort a spiritual ancestor to The Gossip's Beth Ditto.
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'Never Say Never' was on a mixtape a friend made for me, along with 'Sugar in My Bowl' and 'Ever So Lonely'. Thanks for reminding of it.
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Romeo Void was always a favorite of mine back in the day. I'd more or less forgotten about them; thanks for the memory jolt! Never Say Never is one of the great songs.
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Wow I haven't heard Never Say Never in a long time.
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I liked Myself to Myself.
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I'd always misheard the lyrics of "Never Say Never" as "Might I get better if we slept together?" I only found out the true lyrics ("I might like you better if we slept together") some twenty years later when I was on some "misheard lyrics" website. Thanks for the dose of 1980's.
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Glad to hear of the new music. Romeo Void had a unique sound.
I have the Never Say Never EP and Girl in Trouble single on vinyl. I only recently learned (acquired the technology) to record MP3s from my stereo turntable, and Romeo Void was among the first batch I did.
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I was just talking about Monsoon and Sheila Chandra the other day. I would say that this version of Ever So Lonely is way better.

I haven't heard Never Say Never in a long time. Thanks for reminding me.
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I drove 60 miles to buy "It's A Condition", their first release. It's my prize, on some stout 415 Records vinyl. If you find it, buy it.

I Mean It is one of the most raw, basic "fuck you" songs ever written, with sax you'll never hear again, and a four-line smear at the end that I think is the best verse ever written on the subject.

Saw Romeo Void open for X in 1982. Lucky me.
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I seem to recall that she married the younger brother of John Keister way back when, a fact which is perhaps of interest to Seattle area natives of a certain age.
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Romeo Void absolutely ROCK! I'm back at the Mabuhay all over again.
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Like others, I listened to RV back in the day. I should try to dig out the old cassettes and see if they still play.
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Yes, Romeo Void rocks. And I would never have found out about them (having spent most of the 80's ignoring the radio) if not for the fact that "Never Say Never" was on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

(See also: How I discovered Madeleine Peyroux thanks to the sound track of The Saboteur.)
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In my rock of the eighties collections, RV is well represented. I think the Rhino collection has the edited version of Never... Such a great voice and great lyrics; "sunlight limming in the street", and the exquisite sadness of "Girl In Trouble"
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By the way, skip the first 10 minutes of the podcast, because the interview doesn't start until then.
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I am always happy to be reminded of Romeo Void. Thanks hippybear!
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