Surfing the Apocalypse
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Apocalypse Later, Surf Now - A short, beautiful video of people enjoying themselves as the world ends.
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Pretty cool, but I expect the explosions and shelling would lead to some seriously more gnarly surf than display.
posted by Samizdata at 2:04 PM on January 17, 2012

I really like the idea of not actively involving ones self in the apocalypse and just saying 'fuck it' until you're dead. Reminds me a bit of this woot shirt.
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The horror, dude!!
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They just want their board back....
posted by Kronos_to_Earth at 2:39 PM on January 17, 2012

Dystopic stoke!
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Which side is getting their asses handed to them?

My interpretation is that the large ambulatory (?) ground robots sexing up the grain silos and the meteor bombardment is one side, and the fleet of ships that is getting hit from both above and below is our side getting our ass handed to us.

Very cool video. Music rocked too.
posted by localroger at 4:08 PM on January 17, 2012

Yeah, well, under the depicted conditions maybe I'd be willing to try the Teahupo'o.
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"Don't you think it's a little risky for R&R?"

"If I say it's safe to surf this beach, captain, it's safe to surf this beach!"
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Too short for the sound track. Drums and bombardment go so well together, same as in the Galactica titles.
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Mister Fabulous: "Reminds me a bit of this woot shirt."

The shirt reminds me of the end of Heinlein's, "The Year of the Jackpot."
posted by Chrysostom at 6:54 AM on January 18, 2012

Awesome little film.
posted by codswallop at 10:51 AM on January 18, 2012

It is perhaps a testament to the ubiquity of apocalyptic CGI imagery that I found myself merely annoyed at the lack of more actual surfing.
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I just want to say that Mermen is a great band, and wonderful guys. I first met them when I was about 13, at an outdoor show my older brother had put together for them and some other bands.

After the Mermen played their set, and just as the sun was setting, I – troublemaker that I was – climbed on stage with a pocketful of small bottle rockets, hoping to use the higher ground of the stage to fire them into a small crowd of grownups that had gathered around a campfire a short ways away.

However, I'd failed to secure matches or a lighter before climbing on stage, and it dawned on me once I had my bottle rockets out that I had no way of lighting them. That's when from behind me came a voice – "What're you up to?" It was Jim Thomas smoking a post-set cigarette, and he crouched down on one knee beside me.

"I want to shoot this rocket at those people," I told him, "but I don't have a lighter."

"Hold it straight out at them," Jim Thomas told me. I did, and over my shoulder he reached the lit cherry of his cigarette out to touch the tip of my bottle rocket's fuse. It erupted into sparkling flame, and I squinted my eyes. Then, with a FWOOSH, it ripped out of my hand and traced a glorious arc across the yard and directly into the campfire, there exploding in the center of the gathered group of adults, with much spark and fanfare.

"What the FUCK," came the cacophony, and Jim and I squealed with delight.

Anyways, thanks for the post!
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