John Lennon's cats
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Written by nerd extraordinaire Eddie Deezen, no less.
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That Charo?
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Eddie Deezen from I Want To Hold Your Hand, no less.
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Eddie Deezen: Scientologist, no less.

I guess they can't all be Tom Cruise.
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Tim was adorable.
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Oooh, Tim kind of looks like my Maine Coon, Craig. My Beatles-loving kids are going to go absolutely apeshit when I show them.
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Awwww, man. I love a cat-lover. This is a sweet post, thanks.

Tim rescued from the snow is so cool. Poor little bastids -- I know they can handle it but it always seems so unfair. I can't imagine my two spoiled brats having to fend, but they're in & out kids so...

Our business just now adopted a cat that'd been hanging around the trailer lot for a few months. She'd (assumption) meow, want attention. Perfectly sweet and homeless. An unknown benefactor would toss kibble on the pavement at night, otherwise on her own. OK, enough of that, she's ours now, she's got a bed at the entrance and food & water, and lots of pets & loves. We've even got a contest going now to name the kitty for a discount (it's a business, OK?).

We've also got "lot bunnies," big rabbits who live on our lot. Only two right now, had five but a mountain lion (!) took out a few. They do just fine on their own. The covey of quail that rip around are comical. (We're in town but adjoin a very large park.)
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Eddie Deezen from I Want To Hold Your Hand, no less.

Deezen is quite a Beatleologist in real life. I see that his web site has a lot of Beatles posts he has written, and I hear he used to have some really difficult Beatles trivia on the site.
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Love the photo of John, Yoko, and Salt, and Tim reminds me of a big orange kitty I had.
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Many years ago, when I was a student, we rescued a pair of abandoned kittens and called them John and Yoko. We were on the way back from seeing 'John Lennon: Imagine' at the time; it seemed fitting.

John and Yoko are no longer with us, but they lived full and happy lives and were much loved.
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Yoko is not dead. She just smells funny.
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Nice topic, terribly written article.
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Cat Buy Me Love
Ah! böwakawa pussy pussy
If I feline love with you, would you promise to be true
Revolution number 9 lives
When I call you up, your line's engaged. I have had enough, so act your age. We have lost the time that was so hard to find. And I will lose my mind, if you won't see meow.
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Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kitten.
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Great picture of Salt on John's shoulder.
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In the picture showing the cat named Salt, Lennon looks like Sirius Potter.
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This whole thing is very strange.
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Holy crap, I just saw that Eddie Deezen is the uber-nerd from Wargames. The guy on the receiving end of "Mr. Potatohead....MR POTATOHEAD. BACK DOORS ARE NOT SECRETS."
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I'm having a hard time squaring the image of John Lennon crying over dead pets with the fact that he told his son that he came out of a whiskey bottle on a Saturday night.
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Leezie: then you must hold a pretty one-sided view of Lennon. He was, in fact, a human being with many different aspects, some admirable, some not.
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This is fantastic.
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Lennon and McCartney both had cats named Jesus?
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The weird thing is that in the Gospels it's mentioned that Jesus had pet sugar gliders named "Lennon," "McCartney" and -- this is where it gets REALLY weird -- "Sven."
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infinitywaltz beat me to it :(
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