The Lucas Cranach Art Archive
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"The Cranach Digital Archive is an interdisciplinary collaborative research resource, providing access to art historical, technical and conservation information on paintings by Lucas Cranach (c.1472 - 1553) and his workshop. The repository presently provides information on more than 400 paintings including c.5000 images and documents from 19 partner institutions."
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This is super. Both from an art & information perspective - love the data on the works. Admittedly, I also have to admit I love the way he paints hats & jewelry. Sumptuous and awesome!
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Wow. Thanks!
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I could recommend watching these images while listening to 'He He Loved Him Madly' by Miles Davis.
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He was a big fan of Lucretia wasn't he?
What's going on here? They have the same description for different pictures. She pulls the end of her veil across her body with her left hand. It is however so transparent that it does not hide her vulva – That fits 1 but not 2.
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