Shredding Capitol Hill
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Heh. I've seen a few of these guys around. It's a scene out there all right. Denny is going to be a madhouse tonight. I predict cops.
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When you don't need to get anywhere, it's kinda fun having the city shut-down, white, and slippery. When I went out for a walk in Wallingford this evening, the hill at Whitman and 40th had a crowd of adults and children sledding down it (with lookouts for any (slowly) approaching cars). Some people were kind enough to lend me and mandanza their sled, and we got to slide down the hill and over the jump someone had built a few times. Something of a fun little neighborhood party.
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I love this. this video just shows he absolute joy in the city in the past couple of days. It is the best.

Tonight was the best. My friend and I were walking to a party, consoling each other on our ex's, when we ran into a dozen friends of mine, drinking and smoking and dancing on 16th and Fir, all with boogie-boards, sleds, and personal plastic fun rides (soooooo much fun!). There was a jump, and I got SO MUCH AIR (I've never done that before. Last time I was on an extreme vehicle, I broke my forearm).

This is what life should be about. Friends and fun and slipping and sliding down into it.
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May illustrate the only acceptable use of hero cam yet known. The skate guys have known for years though that belt high or lower is what strangely brings the POV sensation home. Being that high is both flattening and disconnecting. A wonderful piece illustrating the joy the rest of us westies are jealous over. I think that may be more snow than Tahoe got up until last night...
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Maybe you westies should hit the streets, too. SLYT awesome.

I've always thought that one of the best and most overlooked aspects of skating is how it turns everyday objects that nobody thinks twice about into things that can be used creatively and for enjoyment. Who would have thought that people could derive so much joy from a staircase or a park bench?
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I was all set to snark something along the lines of 'yeah let me know when they do Denny,' and damn if they didn't run down Denny right after I thought it. 'Course, I didn't see them do Belmont, but it was fun to see that stretch along I-5; I bike that way to work and back non-snow days.

The snow's been fun and all, but I'm ready for the rain to start back up and make it all go away.
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Man, it feels so weird to be watching an XTREME SPORTZ video and actually recognize the places they're doing it.

Me, I just started trying to do some snow sculpture in front of my apartment yesterday, but abandoned it when I realized that my gloves weren't going to cut it, and that the snow wasn't sticky enough to work.
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Awww, man. Missing Seattle right now! Looks fun.
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Yesterday on my Maple Leaf street (which is a steep grade that defeats even FWD during this sort of snow) I saw 4 cross country skiiers, 2 snowshoers, and every kid in the neighborhood on a sled.

It makes up for being stuck on this hill during these big snowstorms.
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I loath all of you enjoying the snow. I have been 'enjoying' a hellish commute and desperately working from home to finish important projects :(
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