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As we near completion of the current Year of the Rat, it feels appropriate to tell a story about how rat appreciation started, how the ratitor came to be, and how the organic unfolding of rat haus reality awareness manifested, first in the building of the balsa wood house itself (preceded by the rat cabin and ancestral rat hans), then in its image scribing, next as a gift-in-photo series, and now as this virtual gathering place for consciousness to further explore, expand, and extend itself.
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I have no idea how I found it, but this is my favorite page:
SOL: source of all life
we live in the time
of its return

exploring itself on Gaia
from behind the clouds
of unsustainability
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Another artistic identification with the rat.
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A normalish human male is about as much bigger than a big ol' rat as a really big elephant is bigger than him.

And it's kind of funny, because a lot of people are scared in both directions.
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it's the year of the rabbit
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And the year of the Dragon starts monday
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This is pretty remarkable, really. I love the photos, and the... ergonomics? of creating a structure so elaborately and specifically congenial for a rat (it's great where he explains the dynamic of what is happening in this photo). This is one of those wonderfully odd and delightful curious corners of the internet that we sadly seem to see less of these days. Great find.
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