A California City Is Into Tweeting—Chirping, Actually—in a Big Way
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Lancaster, CA employs an innovative method of crime fighting: bird noises.
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Even if it works, the effects will only last until bird chirping is the new Muzak and the bland annoyingness (if not outright volume) drive people to commit even more crime (like with me at the mall).
posted by DU at 11:53 AM on January 24, 2012

So long as the recordings are long and varied enough I think the stochastic nature of bird song might make it a favourable option to musak.
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This seems distopian somehow; like this will be how we enjoy parks in our enviro-suits a few generations from now.
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Related, from Nota Bene on Arts and Letters Daily: on classical music in public spaces.
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Just how much crime are you committing at the mall, DU?
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Next step -- add G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate to the air processors.
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The bird noises apparently get rid of tigers as well.
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Birds? How about poltergeists or ghosts?

I've been inspired to install something that makes ghost-like noises and flickers on and off to deter burglars. And I'll make a "Beware of Poltergeist" sign and everything.
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I'm not terribly convinced. But I do like the thought of bringing in classical music stations:
Studies citing the high quality of life in the area consistently name WCPE as a factor.
From WCPE About Us
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Favorite part of the article:
"The obvious thing is it can't be the sound of vultures ripping apart a bison or anything,"
I think another study is needed.
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Well, it might be stopping crime because of the "WTF is a bird doing out here?!?" effect. Lancaster is not exactly the woodlands.
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Yes, which birds are recorded really is crucial: panic attacks....
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The owls are not what they seem.
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This is horseshit.
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  1. This is creepily Phildickian, and maybe even a little Lynchian.
  2. However, it's neither creepily Peter Wattsish nor William Gibsonian, which means
  3. it's actually a pleasant relief compared to most other things happening this decade.
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"Lynchian," yes, but equally Disney -- the fake animatronic bird in Blue Velvet recalls the one in Mary Poppins.

Blue Velvet final scene
-- mechanical bird at 2:35 and 3:12 [YouTube]
Whatever Happened to Bubo, the Golden Owl? [YouTube]
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It's Soylent Greenb sheeple!
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The article says that the bird sounds are calming, but anyone trying to sleep during hot summer nights with the windows open can get really agitated at loud mockingbirds vocalizing all night long.
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Then again, being sung to sleep by the bulbul, that is very nice!
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Bird sounds, nice. Bulging synthesizer chords, not so much.
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