Come up to my loft, I'll show you my cartographs.
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Maps! Maps are great. And Cartophile is a pretty great blog about maps, courtesy our own desjardins, via mefi projects.
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Yep, this is fantastic.
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Well there goes the rest of my afternoon.
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RSS'd immédiatement.
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What an erudite cartophile.
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Hooray! Thanks!

Also: My Favorite Map Blog! I encourage the class to share there own examples!
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This is lovely and may even push me over the edge into figuring out how the hell tumblr works.
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desjardins always knows of things I can use for my class. Today in class, we actually critiqued the binge drinking map that has been going around recently (and is on that tumblr blog). Wisconsin is #1, so obviously there were some jokes about that. Every state has to have something that it is proud of.
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It took me a minute to get that NADA was just the end of CANADA.
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Cool collection! But I enjoy this kind of curation project a lot more when the original sources are researched and cited. For instance this post of a Manhattan map links to another blog which links to another blog which does finally get around to referencing the canonical reference for this, Eric Fischer's Flickr post. Eric produced this work less than 24 hours ago, he deserves to get more direct credit. Also if you spend 10 minutes finding the original source you'll find he made many other wonderful related maps.

I know researching sources for things is a lot of work and I appreciate desjardins is making some effort. But why not wait to post something until it's properly sourced?
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Needs more maps.
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For those unfamiliar with it, the David Ramsey map collection is basically the greatest resource pre-20th century maps anywhere. And their browsing/search tools are incredible.
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Woo hoo! Maps!
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"We can try and swim"
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Can anyone explain what the "Australasian Colonies" consist of in this map?
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Nelson, good point. Tumblr reblogging is not great for attribution so I'm going to try running pictures I find through tineye to find original sources. I did that with the zombie Pittsburgh map I posted earlier tonight. I'm on my phone now, but I'll make your edits tomorrow.
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I love using the fantastic flag!
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Defenestrator, that video was ever-so-barely related to maps, but I lived a few blocks from there. It was an insane time.
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So what exactly is the deal with the owl photo linked in the projects thread? I hovered over the photo but nothing happened. :-/
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I've been enjoying it a lot. My favorite post so far.
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lunasol - when you hover, there's a black bar. That's the permalink; click that. The description is below the picture.
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