Is there a mechanic in the house?
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"Jim Henson made this film in 1963 for The Bell System. Specifically, it was made for an elite seminar given for business owners, on the then-brand-new topic — Data Communications." - SLYT, from AT&T's Archives YouTube channel.
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Astro zombie's girlfriend will be shedding no tears over this jerk-bot!
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*That* is phenomenal. Love! So cool.
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Boy, we really missed the boat with machine-fart based wireless instead of radio.
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Jim Henson was steampunk as fuck, before anyone.
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I'm in love. *poof* *bang* *squeak*
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Thank you Slap*Happy... just realized I'm still sitting here with vague smile on my face.
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I kept hearing Locutus saying "You will service us" towards the end
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