Khooni lakir tod do, aar paar jod do
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Inshallah Kashmir: Living Terror is Oscar-nominated director Ashvin Kumar's brand new documentary, which is banned in India, that provides the perspectives of people that rarely receive positive mainstream media attention.

Third link has a trailer for the full move contained in the first link.
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Oh, snap! Another great post from gman.
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Huh. Well, this is a moment of unhappy learning. I hadn't known that Indian law permitted film-banning. Most democracies have fairly strong laws protecting freedom of speech.
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I haven't heard of either of these documentaries - looking forward to checking them out.
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It's been a while since I've been to India, but they do have quite a few media censorship rule in particular with Kashmir related subjects. I remember picking up a Time magazine that had an article on Kashmir displaying the current boundries in Jammu/Kashmir occupied by Pakistan, India, and China and on the side was an ink stamp saying that this map was incorrect.
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