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Dengue Fever is an L.A. band that fuses Cambodian pop music with psychedelic rock. They have a youtube channel where you can find highlights such as a live acoustic version of their song Uku as well as a clip from the 2007 documentary Sleepwalking Through The Mekong. NPR has an interview with them in 2008 and a review of their second album Escape From Dragon House. Peter Gabriel is a fan.
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Some say it's Dengue Fever, I know it's Hong Kong Flu.
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A friend of mine just introduced me to Dengue Fever. They're so fun! I really like Tiger Phone Card.

(They're also on Spotify!)
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Been playing Dengue Fever almost every week on my radio show. "Tiger Phone Card" is an absolute gem!!

Thanks for this.
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eheh Jinx.

You owe me a coke
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Dug these guys when they started getting airplay on KEXP about 5 years ago. Glad to see they're still kicking.

I think it's worth mentioning that they came to national attention when they were heavily featured on the soundtrack to Broken Flowers.

I'll check out their new album, thanks!
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Peter Gabriel is a fan.

So is R. Mutt!
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Having grown up travelling round South East Asia, these guys really tickled me pink when I first heard them. There's something of the sound and vibe of Cambodian (and surrounding) 60s pop, some of the idiosyncrasies that they clearly 'get', and manage to capture. I was all het up to be 'grr cultural imperialism' when I heard about them, but as soon as they started playing, it became apparent to me - being familiar with the music they're taking inspiration from - that this isn't some gimmick, it is very much a rich musical tradition being treated with the respect it's due. Very very much worth a listen.
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The classic Khmer rock that inspired Dengue Fever is also pretty amazing, as are the stories of its artists.
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Dengue Fever has done a lot to publicize the amazing pre-genocide Khmer psychedelic/garage rock scene, including putting together a pretty good compilation of classics from that era.

If anybody's interested in learning more about that scene, flapjax at midnite has an unsurprisingly awesome post that's a good starting point.
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In case you miss it in the flapjax post from 2007

Cambodia Rocks
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That's funny..I was just listening to "Under (Morgan Page Remix)" by Dengue Fever on my Active Child Pandora station a minute ago.
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I meant to mention in the post that if you live on the West Coast and want to catch them live, they're currently opening for the equally awesome Secret Chiefs 3.
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Would this be a good place to mention what you get when you combine a Cambodian singer and drummer with a couple of Aussie expats on bass and guitar? I think so, and give you Cambodian Space Project: Have Visa, No Have Rice; Kangaroo Boy; Knyon Mun Sok Jet Te....etc. (Live recordings not very good, but they're on Spotify).
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Two of my favorites.
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Great, great fun live.
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Zac was also part of the San Francisco band Dieselhed for many years. Great goofy song.
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Saw them in Nottingham a couple of years ago. And promptly fell in love, love, love.
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Having been introduced to dengue fever by a mosquito when I was 10 years old, I find this band offensive. But i love their music. It makes my bones ache in a different way.
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I've seen them a couple of times, most recently in Hanoi on their recent tour - really worth seeing live.

On a far less enjoyable level, I've experienced the mosquito borne dengue fever twice too...
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They have been all over WFMU for years. Here is the free music archive page.
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Holy Hell, how did I managed to not ever hear of Dieselhed?? Aside from the DF connection, they also featured members of Mr. Bungle and Camper Van Beethoven, two of my all-time favorites.
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Great band. "Tiger Phone Card" and "Sober Driver" my favorite songs of theirs.
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Also a big fan of their music but I wish they had chosen a name that is less offensive. don't mean to derail, but Dengue fever is a huge killer in parts of the world.
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yaaaay Dieselhed! That was sort of the last bubble out of a whole thread of creative and awesome scenes in northern california I grew up idolizing. Glad to see folks still pushing!
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qxntpqbbbqxl thanks for the link to Ros Sereysothea, that is just wonderful.
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Sni Bong used to be in heavy, heavy rotation at Casa Chichibio, but I've since started listening to a lot of the source material (seconding Ros Sereysothea's amazingness). Looking forward to hearing DF's new record!
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I first heard of them and listened to the album after I came down with dengue fever and spent a couple of weeks when all I could do was sleep, get bloody noses and moan in pain. It was perfect. The band I mean. The disease really sucks.
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Thanks for the great links! I really enjoy their music and can't wait to see them perform this weekend.
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