Tack-o-rama: Retro resources for designers
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Tack-o-rama : Retro resources for designers. (With associated Tumblr blog)

Tack-O-Rama previously on MeFi, which is sadly decimated due to extreme link rot but, from the context of the 2003 thread, does not seem to be the same site as above.
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Goodness me, yes.
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The previous post was probably the same site, if this odd credit (Google books preview, showing the credit: "thanks to Josella at Tackorama, www.anzwers.org/free/tackorama/index.html") and this tweet (@TackORama / Josella Colquhoun "Tack-O-Rama is up and running again....now I'm having PayPal problems! Bureaucracy hates me." [31 May via web]) are actually associated. Sadly, the site wasn't archived by Archive.orge because of a robots.txt exclusion, but it's still a fun (and active) site. Thanks!
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Good catch on the tweet, filthy light thief! I tend to shun Twitter and missed that. When I couldn't pull the old links up on the Way Back Machine, the mention of e-cards in the old thread pulled my font-overloaded brain towards "not related."
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Unfucking believable. Sorry about the swearing but there's no other way I can put it - a veritable treasure trove of resources! Thank you very much indeed. :)
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