Music, Movies, Microcode, and High-Speed Pizza Delivery
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Le Blues De Memphis — behind the scenes at STAX & FAME Recording Studios (1969) and Hollywood Blues, a 1969 Hollywood Recording Session. Just a sample of the vintage 50s, 60s & 70s music, movies, microcode and high-speed pizza delivery at [sacré bleu]
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Whoa! Booker T eating soup! Duck Dunn (look at that HAIR!) holding a cigarette between his ring finger and pinkie! Steve Cropper crouching! Al Jackson Jr. standing behind his drums, wearing one of those kinda Nehru shirts! And does Isaac Hayes look cool holding that bari OR WHAT!

And then... and then... that snippet (oh god, WANT MORE!) of BT & the MGs doing Time Is Tight. And that insanely righteous horn section, man, all gathered around that one mic...

Great god amighty WHAT A FIND! You're killing me! YOU MADE MY WEEK! Thanks, netbros!
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I saw this video yesterday on Aquarium Drunkard, it also had areally great live performance of Booker T & MGs in France.
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Booker T! & the MG's! It was next to impossible to get my son to bed when he was 2 years old. The only thing that worked for him was watching a movie. That kept him in bed & made him fall asleep. He also liked to watch the same movie over and over again. I pushed him towards The Blues Brothers and he loved it. He has watched that movie for years (and years). I made him Booker T playlists for his iPod.
Three years ago, when he was 9, Booker T & the MG's came to Amsterdam. His mother was out that night & I brought him to bed. An hour later, I sneaked into his room and woke him up. "You know what we are going to do? We're gonna watch THE BAAAAAAND!" We sneaked outside the house and I'll never forget the bewildered look on his face while biking through Amsterdam.
We went to The Melkweg and I saw my son standing there, in total awe - his first concert- tapping his feet to the tunes he knew. That particular image: best concert memory I have.
Tonight I will make Four fried chickens and a Coke (And some dry white toast) and we'll watch this together.
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Stock Fender gear never sounded so good as in these hands.

Awesome stuff, but where do these jokers get off watermarking found footage with their stupid logo. That is one very annoying internet tendency. They don't own it, they just ripped it from a French public broadcaster archive.

But god love youtube for musical gems, and french doc tv is a great source for many things, including some of the best early Who footage.
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Hey, ouke ! My daughter (she's 11 now) loves the Blues Brothers, too. Big time. For years. Just like your son! It introduced her to Aretha and Ray Charles, among others, and for that alone the movie deserves a place in heaven.
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flapjax! My kids love the Blues Brothers: the only shred of proof that I'm a half decent father. Elaboration: afore mentioned son was able to deliver this speech verbatim at age 6. Another time, I was woken up by a thunderous noise that came from the living room. I heard my daughter (10) squeal. She pulled a box of 7" vinyl from the top shelf and dropped it. (crying voice) "All I wanted to do is play that Aretha Franklin song!" We found them in another box. She played an awesome set of Aretha tunes. I baked her some pancakes (almost flapjax, right?). It was 6 am.

Life without The Blues Brothers is a pointless exercise...
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