Not as bombastic as the Fus Ro Dah version
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Here is a lovely acoustic version of "The Dragonborn Comes" courtesy of blogger Makulah.
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That's... probably salvageable.

The first thing she needs to do is to turn off that reverb. Completely off.

The second thing she needs to do is to not turn it back on, ever, at all, no matter what.

All the subsequent things are the same as the second thing.

It also helps if you close your eyes and imagine her as an Argonian version of Björk.
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I rather enjoyed it myself. Modders have already put it out as an intro music replacer, and even as a replacer for the in-game female bards, though the latter has some bugs that probably won't be fixable until the Skyrim Creation Kit is released (hopefully within the next week or so).

Her song also motivated one digital artist to piece together this gorgeous piece of photomanipluation.
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fghghghghgh the age of aggression is stuck in my head again
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I quite like her music, though my brother (who hasn't murdered his ears listening to hard rock and metal) winces at all the off notes.

Her other two songs are *far* better then the versions in the game anyway. Stupid painfully bad bards.
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I don't mind the reverb, it sounds like she's in a cathedral.
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Fus ro dah! Fus ro dah! [claps]
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You know what this means?

She's a bard. She went to the bard college. So, there's a bard college IRL.

I desperately want to go to bard college.
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MrVisible: "I desperately want to go to bard college."

There's only four quests associated with the college, you get stuck with three quest items that you can't ever drop and you can't even learn to play the damn things. The Bard's College is sooo under developed. Should be mod heaven, though.
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Lovely indeed!
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Surprisingly easy to slow dance to.
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