This guy is the physical embodiment of my Communications degree.
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A Fashion Eye for the G.I. Joe Guy ComicsAlliance critiques G.I. Joe and Cobra uniforms.
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That was way more fun than I thought it would be. I think my favorite was their critique of Shipwreck:

Bethany: I love how Shipwreck looks bewildered and pretty much ready to kill you with all of his weapons simultaneously, while his parrot looks so cozy, comfortably nesting on his shoulder

Chris: Be advised that the parrot will insult all your fashion choices. Like all hipsters, he has that one douchebag friend, except his is a talking bird.

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I wonder if Something Awful's Fashion SWAT was the inspiration for this piece? The similarity between subject matter and style is remarkable.
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Wait, female characters who aren't scantily clad and who don't have ridiculously large boobs? I call fake.
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Those pictures still smell of bubblegum.
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re: The Baroness - This is at least 90% of the reason that I grew up attracted to brunettes in glasses whose default emotion is hate.

I couldn't agree more, Chris, could not agree more.
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"I know so many people who would pay good money for a camera with a zoom lens and a rifle stock."
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More incriminating evidence that I know about as much about pop culture as I do, say, about Bosonic string theory, because until 15 minutes ago "GI Joe" evoked an image of a doll--gender, male; race, white--with articulated limbs and a plastic sailor's cap that resembled a French tickler.
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I'm bummed out they didn't do Chuckles.
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Anybody interested in an ironic take on the GI Joe saga would surely appreciate the stylings of the Toronto 'lazer rap' outfit GI Joe Killaz, who narrate the stories from the perspective of COBRA. Their whole albums are probably available for download somewhere, but a good starter would be 'Eau de Cobra' (MP3).
This track, derived from an episode of that name, describes a rather labyrinthine and improbable plot in which Cobra travels the world (from the British Museum to Antarctica) to assemble the components of an ancient Egyptian perfume of seduction, that would put any man under the Baroness's power. Which was to be used on the world's richest man, who would thereafter transfer all of his wealth to Cobra. But things go awry when Destro, watching from a distance, becomes overcome with jealousy and crashes the party on the rich guy's yacht, messing up the plan...
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