Party like it's 19A9
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Thank you. That explains quite a lot, actually.
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Here's a digestif! "Mixtapes in Collision"

I'm working on a sequel, "The Mixtape Lost at Antikythera". It's going to really to tie the 19A0s room together nicely.

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I like how the page seems to build itself all ghostly like some kind of House of Leaves thing is going on. The article is also about exactly things I want to KNOW ABOUT. I always have a stumbling block of the difficult-to-summarized era where it was still kiiinda the 70s but already inside the 80s and there was still kiiiinda buck rogers and disco and rainbow graphics on clothing but there was also early rap and breakdancing and atari.
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Thank you for reiterating. When I was first introduced to the idea that this explains quite a lot, actually I was not really paying attention. Then, by reinforcing the premise it all became much clearer. I think it is becoming more in focus.
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Can someone please explain what the hell this article is supposed to be about? Because I read that article and found it completely incomprehensible. And I have (a) lived through the late 70's and early 80's, and (b) read Anti-Oedipus.
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Finally, evidence is mounting that points to a "lost decade" between what we now remember as the 1970s and 1980s, a time whose full cultural trauma and resulting suppression from memory was so complete as to effect itself even on the living.

I thought that happened between the 60s and the 70s, or anyway Hunter Thompson did. Indeed, that's when he did his best writing. As he points out in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, sometimes you need special eyes to see these things.
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How do you pronounce that, anyway? Nineteen-ayees? I'd have gone with 19M0s, myself. Nineteen-empty-four and so on.
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...although now I can't wait for twenty-exty-six.
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It's 1980s with a heavy cockney accent. Noynteen Ay'Eees guv
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our easily-corruptible apprehension of history is illustrated as a tangle of shifting and decaying visual impressions, an insight into the mutability of knowledge itself.

I'm just finishing reading Mann's 1491, and this sentence depicts what we thought we knew about the Americas to a T.

The pyramid is the movement's central motif

Pyramids, pyramids everywhere - China, Egypt, all over South America. All those thousands of man-years invested, decayed and covered with millenia of dust and overgrowth - to what end - for whose ends? The common motif is waste. Consider the aptly-named Chernobyl sarcophagous. Can we reclaim our endlessly-wasted busywork - like lost Great Walls we've built and yet haven't time to explore - to more purposeful ends?

"lost decade"?? How about lost millennia? Way out in the water, see them swimming?
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