Vintage Vogue
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Flickr link to 5 decades/1600+ scans from Vogue magazine.

via BibliOdyssey MetaFilter's own peacay
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Wow! There goes the rest of my day.
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Sharon Tate, 1968
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There have been Vogues and Vogue Italias from the sixties on floating around work the past few weeks, since the library liquidated its extensive periodical archive. They are ridiculously fun to page through.

It's much more fun this way though, without all the dust.
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Fantastic! Great find! Thanks to peacay too ...
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I'd been toying with the idea of a Suzy Parker post. The first supermodel, really.
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I feel like posting this to those "When did [ insert current fashion model photography here ] become hotter than [ insert photo of Marilyn Monroe here ]" facebook posts.

People: fashion photography has always featured models with extremely difficult to obtain/maintain bodies. Do you see some of those waists? Just as crazy ridiculous as whatever photoshop magic we're working these days. Bigger/smaller girls probably felt just as inadequate then as we do now.

Fabulous find and really interesting to look at. I think one of the more interesting difference between this and today's Vogue is how many of the ads are for sewing patterns or fabric.
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I'm not so interested in the fashion side of this, but it's worth noting that I read somewhere about Vogue or Conde Nast developing an archive business, editors and designers being charged something like 1500 dollars or pounds, not sure, for access to a digitized archive.

I'm not sure their business model took into account flickr.
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Too bad Merle Oberon 1934 is not wearing her fabulous emeralds in that picture.
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