The new, New Inquiry
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The New Inquiry launched a new web-based magazine this weekend with a host of smart bloggers and cultural critique. Work on the site is released under a creative commons license. Subscriptions are gently requested though not required.

Coverage of the old New Inquiry in the NYT (and related previously).
And an editor of TNI, Malcolm Harris, recently subpoena'd for his twitter stream related to his Occupy Wall Street involvement.
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This looks good.

(I've just got a question. Have RSS feeds gone out of fashion, or something? This site doesn't seem to have one. Another cool online magazine, The Global Mail came online yesterday, and it doesn't have one either. I'm going to lose track of all these places if I can't put them in my feed reader...)
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No feed reader has figured out how to find the feed from the site's URL. End derail.
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Aaron "zunguzungu" Bady's first post (a review of MetaFilter's own David Graeber's Debt) is a great opener.
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The tumblr has an associated RSS.
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Marx is cool again, huh?
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Because TNI is using Wordpress, a RSS-feed can be obtained here: Similar feeds for only selected parts of the site (eg: "& Meanwhile") can be aggregated by adding "feed" at the end of the URL - like:
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I like that there's a resurgence of left-wing thought in the public sphere, because this is where the alternative visions to modern free-markets-above-all capitalism have traditionally come from, and these alternatives seem to be missing from mainstream policy discussion right now. If you like TNI then n+1, Jacobin and Freddy, who grouped some of these links, will also be to your taste. Mr. Teacup has some interesting ideas on online culture and of course there are stalwarts like the NLR, who put up an interesting perspective on the work of Tony Judt for example.

I wonder what the equivalent conservative/right-wing sites are? Sites like TAC are interesting because they appear to offer similar thoughtfulness from another perspective, but I can't seem to find many others - due to confirmation bias, I'm sure :-)
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Neat! I've worked with Editor at Large Samantha Hinds, she is brilliant and amazing. I'm thrilled to see her name attached to this, to me that's an instant "this is worth paying attention to" stamp.
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